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Kern: 'Why should I apologize?' asks she who compared us to terrorists

by Jeremy Hooper


Of calls for her to apologize, Sally Kern has told the AP:

"I see no reason to apologize for what God says, that homosexuality is a sin," Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said after 300 people rallied at the state Capitol and called for an end to hate speech.

"I will not apologize. I did not say anything false. I did not say anything malicious or hateful," Kern said. "They are trying to vilify me. That is their tactics."

No, you didn't say anything malicious or hateful, Sally? Wow. We guess that in addition to having the wrong sexuality implanted in our minds and bodies, we were also installed with an inability to recognize the joy and nicety contained within comments that imply we are wrecking society, are as bad as terrorists, and will someday lead to America's demise!! Good Lord, the Good Lord messed up when he made us!!

Also, of yesterday's demonstration and what it means to Rep. Kern, the AP presents Sally's comments this way:

"That's great they came to the Capitol. This is a free country. They're exercising their First Amendment right," Kern said.

But she said she was not interested in speaking to members of the group. She said she has received more than 30,000 e-mails about her comments, including some threatening ones, and that an activist had tried to intimidate her husband, a Baptist minister, by showing up at his church on Sunday.

"They're sending out letters and making calls in my district. And they really want me to come down and talk to them?" Kern said. "It would be like throwing myself to the lions. That's a metaphor.

"When I am wrong, and it is brought to my attention, I will apologize.

Yea, you want contrarian thought brought to your attention? Well hey, Sally: Gays are not terrorists! There is not one credible bit of proof that says homosexuality has destroyed any nations! And when there has been a historical backlash to gay relations, the problem was, as it is now, with THOSE WHO CONDEMN WHAT THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND! But of course there is no way to "prove" you wrong on this topic because all of your data has been culled from a revisionist world of your own one-sided, faith-based making! Nothing CAN be brought to your attention because your attention is already on keeping the demonized portrait of gays alive and (un)well! AAAAARGHH!

[::writer breathes into a paper bag to regain composure::] But you know what? Don't apologize, Sal. See if we care. Comments like yours contain even more dramatic flair when they are in such a stubborn, aggressively unrepentant state! That sort of thing only helps us in the end.

Gay, lesbian groups protest lawmaker's remarks [AP via KJRH]

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Your thoughts

Poor Sally Kern cries, “I’m under attack!”
But it’s just a well deserved counterattack.
After gay-bashing lies
she continues her cries:
“Those mean vicious homos say I’m a quack!”

Posted by: Richard Rush | Mar 19, 2008 5:00:32 PM

uch a stubborn, aggressively unrepentant state! That sort of thing only helps us in the end.

If nothing else, it illustrates just how completely irrational people of her ilk can become. Perhpas this is a good thing when it demonstrates how completely unhinged this woman is.

Posted by: Stefano | Mar 19, 2008 5:58:24 PM

If she can't see the difference between saying that homosexuality is a sin and homosexuals are worse than terrorists, she may be in the wrong field of work. I mean I grew up in a church that taught being gay was wrong and basically makes god cry, but being told I am worse than a terrorist? The US is currently carrying on a major war to end terrorism, and her comment would lead me to beleive that she feels that war should be moved back to the US and aimed directly at gay men and women as we are somehow worse than those who destroyed the twin towers on 9/11. In other words, she is basically stating that she feels gays should be targeted and she does not feel she should apologize for that?

Posted by: Todd | Mar 19, 2008 5:59:02 PM

if she were a true christian, she wouldn't mind being thrown to the lions

also, i can't find the word "terrorist" anywhere in the bible. maybe she has a different bible...

Posted by: mike/ | Mar 19, 2008 7:55:13 PM

"I did not say anything malicious or hateful"

People like Sally Kern makes all the other special education graduates look bad.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 20, 2008 3:41:10 PM

"They're sending out letters and making calls in my district. And they really want me to come down and talk to them?" Kern said. "It would be like throwing myself to the lions. That's a metaphor."

ACTUALLY, Sally Kern, it's a SIMILE.

Ooh, ooh, she was wrong about something!

Posted by: Willie Hewes | Mar 21, 2008 8:06:05 AM

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