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Sorry? YEA RIGHT! Kern gets litigious instead

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday we learned that she has no plans to apologize. But now we are learning that not only does Sally Kern feel no remorse over her gay/terrorism-linking comments, but apparently feels instead that she should get even more aggressive in fighting off those pesky gays.

Picture 16-29Pam's House Blend has learned that the Oklahoma Rep. has retained the services of the Thomas More Law Center, a conservative Christian legal team that is especially well known for their attempts to roll back or stave off gay rights. Read more at PHB:

Sally Kern hooks up with fundie law firm before agreeing to speak to the homos [PHB]

Now, never mind that Sally is a public figure who was making public comments. Never mind that citizens are free, nay, commanded to hold their elected representatives accountable for their words. In the mind of these social conservatives, the gays are radical militants who just had to have done something wrong here. So Sally and company will spin this situation in any way they can so that Kern will look like the true victim. And one way to do that is to lawyer up, giving off the appearance that the queers who have raged against her nutty comments are the big, bad, bullies, and Sally is just the sweet, innocent wife of a Baptist preacher who meant "the homosexual agenda is destroying this nation" in a nice, loving way.

Turning the tables is our opposition's bag, baby. It's up to us to bolt that table down and show society who among us is really sitting in the "radical", "militant", "aggressive" chair!

**Here's the Thomas More press release: TMLC Announces Representation of Oklahoma Legislator Targeted by Radical Homosexuals [TMLC]

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Your thoughts

Its sad to think we've gotten to a point where there really is no longer a chance to have an understanding between sides. It's like no matter what we say or how we respond we are called "radical". And no matter what they say they can always hide behind the bible and that its their own opinion. Doesn't matter how vile, ignorant, hateful or just plain wrong it is, to them its free speech and is equivalent to saying that the bible said its wrong so I'm entitled to repeat it. Why is it that people don't get that you have to draw the line somewhere? That having an opinion that homosexuality is wrong while ignorant and not based in fact is very different than the hateful unchristian statements Sally made? And that calling her out on it is no more radical than saying the KKK or nazis are mean and hateful.

Posted by: Ron | Mar 20, 2008 11:22:36 AM

I bet we could trace her ancestry back to lynching mobs. It was "her type" (white, "Christian" hysterically frightened people assembling in small rooms to talk about "the negro" and how our society cannot prosper if we give them their freedoms). I mean really...

Posted by: nugget | Mar 20, 2008 11:54:51 AM

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