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Video: As opposed to the 'Porn Gay Hoax,' which involves labeling gay dudes as 'straight'

by Jeremy Hooper

Massachusetts' Framingham State College will tonight play host to Ryan Sorba, a young conservative dude who, despite having no apparent training to do so, tours the country giving lectures on the "Born Gay Hoax." Here's a bit of that gay rights foe and frequent throat-clearer now:

Do you have a strange feeling that he's feeding his audience some bullshit? Well, so did we. 

So what did we do about our suspicions?  Well, in what was literally a five-minute cursory search of just his first two sets of "facts", we were able to determine that (a) his "recent" Canadian Medical Association state regarding pharyngeal gonorrhea is actually 17 years old, and (b) his backup gonorrhea stat from the Journal of Clinical Pathology is 13 years old. And both stats can only be found printed in far-right publications like that which is run by the Concerned Women For America, with the coupling of outdated "facts" are always printed almost verbatim to the way Ryan read them.

And speaking of verbatim liftings from right-wing outlets, this next one is a real doozy. If you go back to around the mark, you will see that right after Ryan presented the aforementioned gonorrhea stats, Ryan goes right into that book that his ilk so likes to decry, 1989's After The Ball. And of that book, young Ryan says this:

"In this updated homosexual manifesto, they illustrated how aware they were of what they called the [begin air quotes] unseemly [end air quotes] sides of homosexual behavior when they wrote, 'the types of sexual activities and their consequences will have to be suppressed in order to gain acceptance.'

But we, feeling like the quotes that Ryan attributed to Madsen and Kirk seemed a bit far fetched, decided to Google that portion. And what do you know? While we didn't find that chunk of text from After The Ball, we did find this chunk of text from Alan Sears and Craig Osteen's anti-gay The Homosexual Agenda book:


Yes, that's right -- it's an almost verbatim recitation of Ryan's "original" speech. Except even worse than Sears and Osteen, Ryan has put the words directly into the authors' mouths! He has attributed Sears and Osteen's anti-gay spin quotes to the pro-gay authors themselves!

And look, this is just one minute of this video clip (which is only one of six parts of the total speech). We haven't bothered delving into and vetting the other "facts" because, well, it's late and this writer has some Smoked Tofu skewers to make (and serve over a side of sauteed broccolini). But the sort of lying that would allow one to delve into a form of plagiarism? Well, it doesn't tend to be isolated. So we would bet mucho dinero on the possibility that Ryan's lil' gay-demonizing college tours are passing off more lying lines than the horny drunk frat boy who tells girls he wants them to come back to his room just so they can play with his Wii!

If we get more time tomorrow, we'll go over some of the rest of Ryan's speech. But in the meantime, if you are planning on attending his speech tonight in Framingham, feel free to ask him: "If "born gay" is such a hoax, then why is it his team that so frequently traffics in deception?"

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