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We're forced to take the road less traveled, and that is making us all different

by Jeremy Hooper

200803181056To be gay is to be forced to jump through certain hoops that are not commonly found on the course of heterosexual life. We 'mos have to "come out" rather than simply come into our sexual awakenings. Before showing public displays of affection, we have to pause and make sure there is no intimidating person lurking nearby. We feel obligated to see terrible movies that happen to have an LGBT theme, because we feel a responsibility to support queer cinema. And instead of getting to enjoy our full and equal citizenship simply because we are tax-paying citizens who have fulfilled our responsibilities to our country, we must constantly fight for rights of which we are denied, as well as justify our "worthiness" to the groupthink of a heterosexist society.

Yes, dear readers, unnecessary hurdles are a part of our queer lives. And as the fight for marriage equality continues on its inevitable journey towards full federal embrace, no situation has highlighted the alternate obstacles that are unduly thrown in our path like the stop-gap civil unions that have been installed in various locales to supposedly grant us protections. In New Jersey we've seen civil unions failing to deliver on the court's promise of parity. In both Vermont and California (where it's technically domestic partnerships) we've seen the same. New Hampshire C.U's haven't been in effect more than a few months, but we've already seen the typical signs of an ineffectiveness. And now considerable media attention is turning to Connecticut, where same-sex couples are coming out in growing numbers to testify how and why it is both insufficient and offensive to mandate a separate course that they must take to protect their legal bond:

Tales Told Of Unequal Unions [New Haven Independent]
Gay Couples Say Civil Unions Aren’t Enough [NY Times]
Civil union law does little to stop ignorance [CT Post]

Our lives and loves should not be obstacle courses through which we must struggle to navigate. We are full and equal citizens, not "American Gladiator" contestants.

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Your thoughts

Thank you Jeremy. This is the exact reason I am becoming a straight activist for EQUAL GAY RIGHTS. Hope you don't mind I copied this an posted it as blog on my mySpace. I want to remember it in days to come.

Posted by: Orion45 | Mar 18, 2008 11:28:33 AM

It's actually harder to be a heterosexual Christian in this day and age. We have to try and prop up our faith and rights on a pedastal of dogmatic morality. We've been forced to desperately try and qualify our myopic viewpoints against the mounting evidence of science, and reality. And no matter how much we put our fingers in our ears and scream "LA LA LA! I can't hear you!" more and more people seem to be turning towards reality to find the answers instead of divinging them from vaguely written scripture. Our rights are about to become less special and available to all, and that's simply unacceptable! /snark

Posted by: Merry Christian | Mar 18, 2008 11:47:19 AM

"We feel obligated to see terrible movies that happen to have an LGBT theme because we feel a responsibility to support queer cinema."

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!

Posted by: Alonzo | Mar 19, 2008 1:33:20 PM

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