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Audio: Hartline on the stump

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 21-15Some of you might be familiar with "ex-gay" James Hartline, who routinely annoys the San Diego/ Hillcrest area of California with his "gays can and should change" brand of political activism. But what you may or may not know is that Hartline is now actually running for elected office, vying for a San Diego City Council seat (District 3). Because that's the beauty of America: The "should" behind one's decision to run for office doesn't have any bearing on their "can."

Well, as part of his campaign, Hartline is now going on local media outlets and getting out his political ideas so as to rally his base (mostly 'ex-gays,' Hartlines, and those with a tendency to mark their ballots incorrectly). Like, for instance, check out this recent appearance from "The Rick Amato Show," in which James asserts the truly wacky idea that most gay people are not really in favor of gay marriage and gay rights in general, it's just that the "political gay community" has hijacked the conversation. Hartline's spot begins around the 10:10 mark:

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Wait a minute -- only the politically active gays with an "agenda" are in favor of gay marriage? There are just scores and scores of California gays standing in opposition to those among us who hold the "radical" idea that LGBT people are equal human beings?! It's not that gay people are political because they have actual lives and loves for which to fight, but rather because they have been duped by the loud, militant queers?

Gee, Jimmy: It's no wonder the gay thing didn't work out for you. You don't even seem to be able to accurately pinpoint the queer community, much less happily penis-poke it!

*Audio source: Amato Archives: 4-14-08 HR 1 James Hartline Running for City Council District 3 [Amato Talk]

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Your thoughts

He is SUCH a loon. He's also the one who claims that Jesus cured him of his HIV. And because he is so extreme, few people really pay attention to him. Keep on James, you just make us look even better.

Posted by: ZnSD | Apr 29, 2008 3:16:56 PM

James Hartline cracks me up, because of:

(a) - His nutty anti-gay rhetoric.

(b) - The way he refers to himself in third-person all the time.


(c) - Hartline looks like a scarecrow; and to see a scarecrow talking makes me laugh.

Posted by: Scott | Apr 29, 2008 3:22:52 PM

According to his bio he could poke for 30 years, ... but just looking at him and listening to him I doubt he has been up to poking anything for a while.. even with little blue pills.

Posted by: LOrion | Apr 29, 2008 4:04:38 PM

The real tragedy is that James is an intelligent and articulate person. It takes a while to really pay attention to what he's saying and realize that James is mentally ill.

I know the first response is to assume that he's rational and just a religious idealist with whom you can debate or communicate. It seems appropriate to mock his idea that he's going to win or that there's some big block of gay voters that oppose equality and want to support him.

But you have to realize that James' brain doesn't work the same way as yours. He truly believes that God has (or is going to) heal him of HIV and that this will birth a revival which Prophet James will head.

While he's a smart guy, he is also completely delusional and obsessive. We shouldn't mock him or make fun of him; we should pity him.

But you'd not know it just from the way he speaks.

Posted by: Timothy | Apr 29, 2008 7:07:31 PM

When you're so unbelievably ugly, inside and out, it's easy to be "ex-gay". When NO ONE of EITHER gender would touch you with a ten foot pole the decision is pretty much made FOR you. I think that's why he's so damned bitter and why he has so much time on his hands.

Posted by: Zeke | Apr 29, 2008 10:25:33 PM


I have no pity for the guy, because it's obvious Hartline is a con-artist through-and-through, and pretty much nothing more.


Selling his ass (by choice) at a young age, slutting around and doing meth in bathhouses, spending a good chunk of his life in jail and prison while slutting around in those places, supporting his drug habit by breaking & entering people's homes, the list goes on.

It's as if this guy chose to have the skanky and criminal time of his life, and now that it's all caught up to him, he wants to point the finger at everyone else.

Strictly my opinion: the sooner the waste of flesh is gone, the better.

Posted by: Scott | Apr 30, 2008 1:46:27 PM

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