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Audio: Kids, just remember that your parents are sometimes wrong!

by Jeremy Hooper

As millions of students protest bullying today by recognizing the annual Day of Silence, and other students and parents raise a stink about the peaceful endeavor by keeping their kids home for the day, take a second and listen to the message that the far-right is trying to pass off to the unsuspecting public:

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::sigh:: "hijack the school for an entire day"? What a sweet day it will be when acceptance of gays will not be likened to the overtaking of a commercial airliner!

Homosexual Day of Silence - Is Your Child's School on the list? [AFA Press Release]

**And how are some people interpreting this Day of Silence antipathy? Well...

Police patrol Lebanon high after gun rumors [News-Leader]
Anti-gay graffiti mars Day of Silence [Charlotte Observer]

**ALSO: What we think could be the Day of Silence theme song:

Monkeys on the barricades
Are warning us to back away
They form commissions trying to find
The next one they can crucify

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Your thoughts

If we needed validation that the day of silence is needed, the violent and hateful response from the 'faith' community is more than enough. WWJD indeed!

Posted by: wetcnt | Apr 25, 2008 1:16:04 PM

The ad was so dramatic. Maybe not the intended result, but I did giggle a bit.

Posted by: | Apr 25, 2008 1:50:13 PM

I'm a straight, 18 year old female who attends a public school. I participated in the DOS.

I completely support LGBT rights, and while I had to explain (in writing) to people who weren't sure what it was about, they were generally understanding.

None of my teachers & school administrators gave me any crap for participating. They all commended me for taking part.

I don't see why people make such a fuss.

Posted by: Cary | Apr 25, 2008 4:12:05 PM

Ok....so the DOS is about acceptance...NOT looking down on those people who don't participate. We are just trying to show that a lot of kids are being bullied because of who they like...Now if every parent who apposes it takes their kid out of school on that ONE day EVERY year...I probably be suprized how many kids are taken out of school...you can say what you want...but the Day Of Silence is always about teaching people about those who have been bullied. Oh and this years DOS was in memory about Lawerence King...you know...The kid who got shot because he liked another kid...well I hope you have a great day and remember...Bullying is bad

Dakota Thompson

Posted by: Dakota Thompson | Apr 25, 2008 4:22:40 PM

Cary: You don;t understand why people make such a fuss because you clearly understand what DOS is all about, and why it's important. And if you do understand, then its incomprehensible to think that others could have such a big problem with it.

Dakota: You know we're on your side, right?

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 25, 2008 4:33:48 PM

i'm straight and i am not choosing sides here at all, but i don't think that the AFA is being fair about this. Everyone should believe what they wanna believe. But i know during the upcoming weeks to the Day of Silence i was made funn of for not participating. Some of those days i wished i was home because people can be really mean. The thing they didn't realize is that the only reason i didn't do it is because i do not like feeling pressured into things. Unfortunately i am a very stubborn person and if i feel as if i am being pushed too hard in a certain way, to be honest i do not care what it is, i just do not want to do it.

Posted by: | Apr 25, 2008 7:08:48 PM

The RRRW talking heads have called the DOS "indoctrination" numerous times. They wring their hands and predict horrors over LGBT students and allies remaining silent for one day of the school year. If they think it has such a profound effect, why don't they choose to stay silent for, say, a few months? Surely that would gain them at least a million new converts a year. ;-)

Posted by: Buffy | Apr 27, 2008 12:20:10 AM

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