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Audio: S. Harp and her less than s.harp logic

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 3-114

"Homosexuality is all about putting your penis is somebody's asshole."

"Homosexuality is all about sex"

"I honestly cannot believe that you support teaching homosexuality and about homosexual sex to three year olds. Do you know how sick that is?"

Listen below to hear these and more "wise" words from the "pro-family" community's doyenne of blog-based demonization, Stacy L. Harp:
(**H/t: Kevin Kaatz)

*FYI: Stacy is speaking to our pal Joe Brummer, who has challenged Stacy's rhetoric on his blog. Here is Joe's roundup of some of the things Stacy has said over the years:

Stacy Harp section [Replace the Lies with Truth]

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Your thoughts

OMFG! Really! I am honestly flabbergasted -- and that takes some doing.

Being a homosexual is about "putting your penis in somebody's asshole"? What if the homosexual doesn't have a penis?

Talk about self-delusion. She honestly thinks she comes across better than Brummer in that conversation? Brummer deserves a medal for talking to her for as long as he did.

I hope this woman has a history of serious drug use. It's the only possible excuse for having a brain that fried.

Posted by: David | Apr 21, 2008 8:39:28 PM

Jeremy, I've really got to hand it to you, because I don't know how you guys have the stomach to actually listen to all of the drivel coming from jerks like Harp . . . I couldn't do it without my head exploding.

That said, my first inclination would be to accuse Harp of promoting discussions of penises and pussies (can I use that word - god! I feel so dirty and cheap) to three year olds - since she obviously equates all sexuality to body parts and activities but she obviously has no problem discussing mommies and daddies with todlers.

And, what about all of those fundy teen girls who happily take it up the ass because that isn't a violation of their "abstinence pledge" - well technically I guess it is, but that doesn't count. Does Harp also equate "abstinence pledges" with penises and assholes? Cause, everyone else does.

Dick Mills

Posted by: Dick Mills | Apr 21, 2008 8:51:35 PM

WOW!!! what is with her overhelming focus on anal sex?

What about all the heterosexuals who engage in anal sex?

What nerve to phone someone and just blab on and on and in constantly interupt.
When she kisses her husband or holds his hand in front of a 3 year old, she is demonstrating aspects of SEX and sexuality to them.
What a hypocrit.
She is a sad pathetic person

Posted by: Marc | Apr 22, 2008 5:13:22 AM

This was the most hateful harassment, I honor Joe for enduring without sinking to her level.

Posted by: revtj | Apr 22, 2008 9:02:53 AM

Revtj: Yea, well that's sort of the irony of Stacy's misdirected hostility. Joe is one of the calmest, most peace-loving activists out there.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 22, 2008 9:17:09 AM

lol, please tell me she's kidding.

How can someone be so delusional.

Posted by: | Apr 22, 2008 10:21:05 AM

Good, I'm happy to see this call is FINALLY making the homo-blogosphere news!

G-A-Y, where did you find THIS picture of Miss Piggy??? If you have a larger version, I need it to have a mask mold made, for this coming Halloween!

Posted by: Scott | Apr 22, 2008 12:09:58 PM

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