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Because actuality matters, Caleb!

by Jeremy Hooper

While we despise much about the way our opposition fights this so-called "culture war," there is one skill they possess that deserves all of our respect. That enhanced inability? They can ignore an 800 lb gorilla in a room like nobody's business!! Seriously -- their ability to tune out the inconvenient noise is really quite impressive.

Our opposition's most recent case of sidestepping an ape as if it's not there? Well, in a recent piece concerning the so-called "ex-gay" movement, Focus on the Family writer Caleb Price says the following about gay activists who refuse to accept the notion that people can "change" their sexual orientations:

Apparently, in today’s America you can still Be Who You Want to Be — so long as it isn’t “ex-gay,” “post-gay” or formerly homosexual.

But even more troubling is the intolerant way those calling for “tolerance” lash out — either in silence or with words — against those who disagree with them or dare to consider the idea that homosexuality might actually be a changeable condition. For example, many gay activists and their allies routinely say that those who believe people can change their sexual identity are evil, dangerous, hateful and bigoted. And for those who experience unwanted same-sex attractions, the activists say they are simply “self-loathing” or “self-repressed” because they aren’t “being who they are.”

And then after writing the above passage, Caleb goes on to write nine more paragraphs on the subject. But while he makes many unfair trivialization of LGBT activist's concerns in the subsequent nine stanzas, Caleb gives not even one mention of what should be the top subject here: The fact that the idea of gay "change" has not one ounce of support from the credible scientific/health community! Call us lovers of pertinent information if you must, but we think that biological realities deserve at least lip service when discussing this matter.

The only mention Caleb does give of a professional health organization comes in this passage:

Truth is, there are many people who experience same-sex attractions but who, because of their religious or ethical views, have made the personal decision to pursue change. I am one of these people. And you should know that even pro-gay mental health groups like the American Psychological Association say that people have the right to self-determination — to choose their own path — when it comes to sexuality.

And he's right about one's right to self-determination. Most everyone in the staunchly pro-gay community supports one's right to follow their own life path. However, what we are talking about when it comes to "tolerating" the organized "ex-gay" movement (of which Caleb is firmly a part) is a well-financed, well-connected, politically active attempt to reframe the gay rights debate in a way that makes it seem as anyone can pray away the gay if they really want to. This is not a mere community of people who wants to coordinate their sexual lives in the way they see fit. Instead, it is a highly disingenuous movement who is using their own version of the "truth" to not only shape impressionable people's lives, but also to mold society's views and laws in a way that keeps LGBT people unprotected. unwed, and generally unequal!

If Caleb wants to talk about the American Psychological Association, then we need to talk about what they are actually saying about his movement:

Picture 5-120

For while we will continue to be impressed by the ability of Caleb's team to turn a blind eye to 800 lb gorillas, we will never be fans of the reasons for their myopia. And we will never -- NEVER! -- "tolerate" waters being deliberately muddied in a way that tells the world that queer people are simply sinners in need of reformation!

Tolerance, Diversity and the Freedom to Choose [FOF CitizenLink]

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Your thoughts

This Caleb guy sounds about as nutty as every "ex-gay" out there.

The gay community will never be friendly to those guys, because most of them are untreated drug addicts who plagiarizes Nazi propaganda, replacing "Jew" with "homosexuals".

I would even go as far as saying the "ex-gays" have more violent rhetoric towards openly gay people, than your average homophobic backwoods cousin-fucking republican idiot.

Another funny thing, is all the "ex-gays" claim they've "met THOUSANDS of people who've changed their sexual orientation". Where are they?

If they're referring to straight people who've kissed or fucked around with somebody of the same sex, during college or whatever - that doesn't mean they changed their sexual orientation. It just means they were drunk.

Posted by: Scott | Apr 14, 2008 7:07:43 PM

There is no such thing as an "Ex-Gay". A person may repress their gayness or bisexuality to please others, and at great cost to themselves (and often others as well), but that doesn't make them any less gay/bisexual. If those running the "Ex-Gay" industry had an ounce of honesty or integrity between them they'd admit this and the quality of life for LGBT people would begin to improve almost overnight. But then they'd lose their cash cow and their fight against equal rights for us, so they can't very well do that.

Posted by: Buffy | Apr 14, 2008 10:04:39 PM

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