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Pete's discourse takes southward descent

by Jeremy Hooper

The inescapable words of anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera have now extended beyond the bounds of just our fair nation. The Americans For Truth head has given an interview with the Brazilian publication Enfoque Gospel, in which Pete, who is credited as an "expert" on the "gay agenda," details the many ways we homos are trying to destroy the world.

There are many head-smackers within the interview, but we have isolated this End Times-predicting, Holocaust-comparing passage as among the most nutty:

200804301340EG: Do you think, we (The Christian People) will win the fight against the legalization of gay marriage, adoption and other homosexual rights since the gay activists are subsidized by billionaire foundations? I just ask it, because it seems that they are getting so strong, conquering their dreams, etc., and at the same time the bible says that we are not of this world and that the world will be dominated by the devil. Don’t you think that sometimes our fight is for nothing and that we should not waste our time and just try to preach the gospel?

PL: I don’t know if we will win or not (in this particular era). We lost the struggle over legal abortion in the USA but now the pro-life side has all the momentum, so thing can change. The Bible indicates that there are dark days ahead as the world as we know it comes to a close. But it also tells us not to try to predict when Jesus is coming back. Some Christians opt to abandon the “Culture Wars” because they presume that these are the end times (in the immediate future). But imagine how the Christians must have felt in Germany when Hitler was taking over and when the Nazis began their awful genocide against the Jews and other peoples! It was wrong then for Christians to become disengaged from politics and culture – and it had devastating consequences -- and it is wrong today. Christians who live in democratic societies have a Christian duty to be excellent and involved citizens. This is a stewardship issue. And it breaks my heart to see Christians abandon public policy (politics) in free societies while left-wing activists work overtime to enact their destructive agendas. Are we to believe that democracies are for social leftists only? Of course not. Healthy democracies requires a good and informed citizenship; they reward people who get involved in the system. The main problem in the USA is that the Left is super-involved in politics, while tens of millions of evangelical, Bible-believing Christians are not involved at all.

I do not think that a Christian needs to make a choice between engaging in public policy and witnessing the Gospel. You can do both. Certainly, we need spiritual revival to happen for serious change to occur in Brazil, the USA, or any nation – and we are seeing in America the deep moral crisis that results when a people leave God behind. But regarding public policy: if faithful Christians don’t speak out against oppressive homosexual legislation that helps build acceptance for immoral behavior, who will?

Wait, Christians aren't involved in politics in the U.S.?! Well good lord, what country have we been living in all this time?! Because call us frequently marginalized by religion if you must, but to us, politics and governance in the first part of the 21st century have been such an evangeli-travaganza, we sometimes feel like our taxes are tithes!

Oh, and Pete is seriously comparing Christian apathy in terms of fighting gays with Christian apathy in fighting Hitler?! Uhm. Wow, we don't even know where to begin on that one! Except to say that those who are pushing for one certain perfect type of human and the marginalization or conversion of the millions who fall outside that spectrum, really shouldn't bring up such parallels (even if the former nightmare is obviously much harsher than our current plight).

But it is good to see that Pete's giggin' in South America. After all, why should we here in the states get to have all the fun?

American expert warns about gay agenda [Last Days Watchman]

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Your thoughts

"But imagine how the Christians must have felt in Germany when Hitler was taking over and when the Nazis began their awful genocide against the Jews and other peoples!"

I imagine the "christians" in Nazi Germany were just fine and dandy with all the goings-on during that era. After all, Hitler was known to end most of his speeches with "Amen", and many references to "God" throughout his hate speech.

Not to mention several of Hitler's "christian" supporters were writing about the Jews, about on the same kooky level as homosex-obsessed (and friend of Peter) Coach Daubenmire, when he writes about teh gays.

Posted by: Scott | Apr 30, 2008 2:25:13 PM

At least he did refer to us as "other peoples" as in 'being gassed along with the Jews.' Of course, he couldn't say that Hitler oppressed gays 'cause that parallel just hits too close to home.

Dick Mills

Posted by: Dick Mills | Apr 30, 2008 2:39:01 PM

The Peter gets a bit grandiose about his sphere of influence when he's talking to people in other countries, doesn't he?!

Poor The Peter. Nobody cares about him in the US, so he has to go scare up bigots in other countries.

Posted by: Break The Terror | Apr 30, 2008 9:34:10 PM

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