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What bullying would Jesus embolden?

by Jeremy Hooper

LGBT kids are still bullied in our nation's public schools. Those who would deny this are in a grand state of denial, and their rebuffing is quite offensive to those of us who either suffered adolescent harassment or closeted ourselves in order to stave off the same. And those who would go so far as to protest against those who are trying to end this bullying, teasing, and harassment, are following a code of conduct that is anything but moral!

 Good As You Images Photo-1We say this after reading the following email correspondence, in which professional pastor/ strident gay rights foe Ken Hutcherson details plans to protest the upcoming Day of Silence:

Prayer Warriors, it's time to put on your knee pads and start praying! I am organizing a protest of Mt. Si High School and the Snoqualmie Valley School District. We will be protesting at Mt. Si High School on the Day of Silence, April 25 at 10:00 am. We have taken out a huge ad in the Snoqualmie Valley newspaper which will run [Wednesday, April 23]. Please pray that over 1,000 people will participate.

Enough is enough. We have tried to work with the School District and they will not hear us. They will hear this protest. Pray it up! It's time to make a moral stand in our public schools.

Pastor Hutch!

Yes, good Christians -- put on your knee pads and pray for this day of peace-encouragement to fail. Then when you're done with those pads, perhaps you could donate them to the local gay kids in your community. After all, with the aggressively ignorant hard-line that your side is still taking against the reasoned, rational acceptance of this rich, vibrant population sect, they're going to continue to need all the protection they can get!

Protest of "Day of Silence." [AB Church]

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Your thoughts


Hutch and his knee pads - praying for one of those "strong, powerful white men" he obsesses about.

This guy and his nutty family hasn't been laughed out of town YET?

Posted by: Scott | Apr 23, 2008 3:24:30 PM

The story wouldn't be complete unless the rest of it is told as well.

GLSEN is holding a press conference at Snoqualamie Library on Friday to counter the hate-speak of Pastor Hutch. Also going on is organizing activities beween GLSEN, the Safe Schools Coalition of Washington, and the GSA of Mt. Si High School to--as needed--have concerned adult volunteers escort or form a barrier between the protestors and students as students enter or exit the campus. Anyone interested in helping or attending the press conference can contact Ethan at GLSEN:206-330-2099 or 877-GLSEN-WA (877-457-3692).

Posted by: Rabid Poodle | Apr 23, 2008 4:00:33 PM

Thanks for the info, Rabid Poodle.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 23, 2008 4:41:03 PM

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