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Methodists stave off the inevitable for another year

by Jeremy Hooper

Flame2AThe United Methodist Church's General Conference have once again chosen to see the world in the sort of short-sighted way that deems certain humans to be lesser than creatures. That's because by a vote of 574-298, they have voted to keep the church's position that same-sex unions are wrong, and by a vote of 517-416, have elected to keep a statement that says gayness in general is incompatible with Christian teaching:

Methodist delegates vote to reject same-sex unions [Star-Telegram]

Now, it should be noted that they did pass a measure opposing homophobia. But COME THE FRICK ON! By keeping this biased outlook on who, exactly, is fit for worship and love, they are absolutely fostering what they claim to denounce!

Picture 30-5So why are some of our opponents within the church so unable to see the big picture? Well, because they just don't get it! Like for example, consider the following quote in which the director of the UM Action at the Institute on Religion & Democracy, Mark Tooley, tells One News Now:

"Those who advocate acceptance of homosexuality are very dedicated to their cause, almost to the point of obsession, if you could see their fervor and zeal in terms of their demonstrations here and their adamance"

Uhm, we're "obsessed"? With all due respect, Mr. Tooley, we're not fanboys who have locked ourselves in a room to play the new Grand Theft Auto game! This is a situation involving our EXISTENCES. And for gay Methodists, it has an extremely personal effect on their relationship with themselves, their lover, and their God! Trust us when we say that most all gay activists would love to take their "fervor and zeal" and apply it to TRUE societal issues. But those of you who don't accept us as part of the spectrum of society are forcing us to pause our lives and waste energy on what should be COMMON, DECENT SENSE!

Those who've never had to fight for their existences are incapable of fully understanding what these types of situations are like for us. Because they are engaged in the needless, elective game of "smear the queer," many of them seem to see this whole "culture war" as a silly little chess match that we've all chosen to play. However, we gays didn't sign up for this game! And we don't view it as a fun activity. We chose to live our truths, which has unfortunately meant that we are forced to spend portions of time tossing aside the stones that are thrown at us. We would gladly sit it out, but we don't have that option. After all, if even with our cries and pleas and actions, our opposition has made the deliberate choice to foster a culture that keeps us marginalized, then why are we to think that our apathy would lead us to a situation that's anything less than dire?!

We are "obsessed" because if we don't highlight the inhumane treatment that is foisted upon us, then who the hell will?!

**UPDATE: More on "the obsessed":

300 Protestors Disrupt Methodist Convention Over Anti-gay Vote [Towle]

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