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Army is gay & porn-addicted say the anti-gay & factless

by Jeremy Hooper

We all know that Westboro Baptist's views on God and morality are so wildly off-the-mark, they make the late Jerry Falwell's teachings look liberal. However, in their latest press release, the infamous Phelps family is not only overly hostile and bizarrely gay focused -- they are also just plain factually wrong:

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Okay, first off -- there is no ban. There is merely a piece of legislation that's been proposed by uber-conservative U.S. Rep Paul Broun (the same dude who is re-introducing the Federal Marriage Amendment). His legislation is unlikely to go anywhere.

Also, it's not really "porn" that is being targeted by Broun. Hardcore magazines featuring actual sex are not currently sold on bases as it is (under a 1997 provision banning the sell of "sexually explicit material"). What Broun is trying to do is tighten the restirctions so that they target nudie magazines like Playboy and Penthouse (which the DOD has already determined do not fall under the "pornographic" label). Moreover, some even say that under Broun's proposal, men's mags like Maxim and FHM could be banned. So it's not like we're talking about saving the armed forces from their Debbie Does the Department of Defense addictions. Instead, we're talking about a conservative lawmaker who wants to tighten the currently in place boundaries of restriction so that our men and women in camo will have to limit their reading habits to publications like Martha Stewart Living and Cat Fancy.

Thirdly, there is not one mention of gay porn in Stars & Stripes' two takes on this matter. There is also no sweeping admission by the military that service members' Internet caches are filled with ActiveDuty or SeanCody.com hits. The indefatigably gay-obsessesd Westboro bunch is just so hellbent on making our troops seem (a) wholly gay and (b) being punished for their gay ways that they've injected their own addictions into this non-story. If they have insight into a crippling gay porn addiction, then it's because one of the male Phelps children has been cam-chatting and pic-swapping with various members of the military on a nightly basis. It's certainly not because the church has done an honest assessment of the DOD press department's revelations about their troops viewing habits.

But hey, considering that Westboro's code of God varies widely from any other religious teaching that we've ever seen, perhaps the common "bearing false witness" command is just not one to which they feel bound.

Soldiers: Magazine ban could hurt morale [S&S]
Taking a look at effort to ban on-base Playboy sales [S&S]

***NOTE: The above Westboro release can be found on their website. However, a link from us is something these book burners shall never receive.

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Your thoughts

"Military heroes are addicted to gay porn"

I don't know about that, but it seems most of them at one time or another STARRED in gay porn! LOL

Posted by: Scott | Jun 3, 2008 12:05:18 AM

I'm not going to say anything about WBC, because it all goes without saying. But BANNING PORN? Good god, Rep. Broun, have you at last no sense of decency?

Support our troops, indeed. I'm sending a box of slightly used pornography to the Red Cross as we speak.

Posted by: ponyboy | Jun 3, 2008 2:11:07 AM

If you're protecting the people of this country, you should be able to buy XXX mags and video.

These old sissies back home have no right to try to control what these guys can look at. For that matter, I think anyone pushing for this should be forced to have their home(s) and computers inspected, and be ridiculed if any pornography is found in their homes. Even better if they're a "family values man" with transy porn.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 3, 2008 4:12:34 PM

Having 2 years ago retired from the Navy I can tell you for a fact, when the ban on hardcore sex mags went into effect, no one noticed. Stars and Stripes book stores were prohibited from selling the actual magazine, they still had the pre-pay subscription gift boxes for whatever magazine you wanted.

Posted by: Henry | Aug 26, 2008 5:34:36 PM

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Posted by: cokocompeticion@hotmail.com | Oct 6, 2008 2:32:05 PM

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