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Combatting 'Price'y rhetoric

by Jeremy Hooper

Responding to the press release in which nine national LGBT groups encourage gays to take heed before taking their newly minted California wedding back to their home courts and to instead use a systematic approach towards obtaining the equality of which they are owed, Focus on the Family's Caleb Price has the following to say:

"The gay-activist community continues to clearly articulate its game plan," said Caleb H. Price, research analyst at Focus on the Family. "It behooves us as Christians to recognize this is a zero-sum game, and there will be one winner and one loser.

"The threat is before us, and we must take action by turning out in record numbers and not wavering in our stand for God’s created intent for marriage, gender and the family. The stakes have never been higher."

To which we reply:

Well Caleb, our game plan is fully out there. We want fully marriage equality. We're not exactly hiding it, pal. A press release encouraging a pragmatic approach doesn't change one thing. It merely says that we want to be as smart as possible about how we march to our inevitable liberties, as far too many of us have been setback by the hand of bias for far too long!

As for there only being one winner and one loser in all this? Well, you are sorta right about that. However, your lines of demarcation are not in the right places. For it is not Christians vs. gays; it is right vs. wrong. Fairness vs. Inequality. "Freedom and justice for all" vs. freedom and justice with an "...except for you all" caveat. Anyone who is working toward the negative, pervasive force that is anti-gay discrimination is going to eventually lose. Surely you must see this!

As for God's intent for marriage? Well, we're not going to even bite that hook this time. We are talking about CIVIL marriage here. Your views on God's intent can and surely will remain intact even with legal civil equality!

As for the "stakes" and the "threats"? Isn't the hyperbole getting old? Seriously. When you're alone with only yourself and your thoughts, you must stop and ask yourself why you, day in and day out, present gays as if they are the Inky, Blinky, and Clyde to the "pro-family" movement's Pac-Man. You are a "formerly gay" man, Caleb. You
have to know deep down somewhere inside yourself that there's only one side who is posing a "threat" here, and it sure ain't the 'mosexuals! Regardless of the justifications you use to psychologically numb yourself from the cold truth behind the rhetoric (hiding behind code words like "protect marriage" and "pro-family), you must hold within you the knowledge that what you are doing is WRONG. And if not, then you really should.

Will your movement succeed in keeping marriage unequal for a few more years? Perhaps. But in doing so, your side is not keep itself in the "winner" category. Instead, Caleb, you all are propagating a society in which we all forfeit precious time, energy, and resources on the most intellectually unsound, patently offensive, mindlessly divisive, religion-hijacking, un-American, inefficient "debate" to grace the American landscape in recent memory. In essence, we
ALL lose.

Gay Activists Reiterate Strategy to Redefine Marriage [CitizenLink]

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Your thoughts

They couldn't even pass a Federal Marriage Amendment when they controlled both houses and the executive. Fat lot of good it will do to try passing one through congress now. I think the biggest thing that Dobson's butt-boys are wanting is to increases their fund raising effectiveness.

The last financials that I saw from the FOFers (I think it was from 2006) showed that they spent about $4mm more than they took in. They have a lot of cash, and can afford several years of negative income, but this is going to get pretty expensive for them.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 11, 2008 8:52:30 PM

You forgot Pinky!!! The gayest of all the Pac-Man villians! Sure, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde may be the most memorable of the characters for their Roles in the video game.

"AP MUSHROOM KINGDOM - Many people forget about the affair that Pac-Man had with his fay foe that led to the nasty divorce proceedings in Pac-Man v. Pac-Man where the stories of power-pill fuled addictions became public.

Mrs. Pac-Man later remarried to Sonic the Hedgehog, but decided to keep her name for fear of losing her franchise contracts and endorsements.

Pac-Man and Pinky are no longer together and are bitter queens...I mean enemies.

Recently, tabloids have spotted Pac-Man and Kirby going into clubs near the Mushroom Kingdom. Kirby's publicist flatly denies any rumors of a relationship and tells our reporters "If you really want to report on the sordid sex lives of video game stars, hang around Hyrule Castle," a seedy club in Liberty City.

Posted by: Daimeon | Jun 12, 2008 6:19:38 AM

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