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Holick arrested; despite name's insinuations, licking garden tools was not the crime

by Jeremy Hooper

Holick-WitchitaAt Sunday's gay pride festival in Wichita, KS, an anti-gay activist by the name of Rev. Mark Holick was arrested on suspicion of battery charges:

Preacher Arrested At Wichita Gay Pride Fest [365Gay]

And by "battery," we don't mean double A. We mean the manifestation of rage against couples that feature double penises or vaginas, which (allegedly) led him to strike a pride organizer.

This is Holick's second consecutive arrest at the Wichita event. Our theory? He wants to monopolize local handcuffs so that gays can't use them for their "wicked" sex acts.

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Your thoughts

Oh! I always wondered what 'holistic' medicine was all about ... they didn't teach it to us in medical school.

Got to watch those videophones! The Wichita Eagle, quoting witnesses, reports that Holick on leaving the park asked for his money back. The witnesses told the paper that Holick threw it at Thomas Witt, vice president of Wichita Pride, striking him on the arm.

The incident was captured on video by a pridegoer.

Holick was arrested on suspicion of battery.

Posted by: LOrion | Jun 30, 2008 3:00:06 PM

They should have been at SF Pride... I wonder if the the Peter was...there was a large contingent from the Folsom Steet Fair. Men and women, leather, corsettes, bullwhips,
a bonding cross with lady cuffed. and two 'horse cart' set ups... both women in each.

Then they showed a sweet little 70 something grandmother on a stool watching them go by. No expression on her face at all... Must be a cool San Franciscan type! Seen it all!

Posted by: LOrion | Jun 30, 2008 3:05:08 PM

PS I posted your playlist for an alternate NY Pride celebration on another pretty slow site..
over 100 hits! But so far everyone too shy to talk. Also posted my live blog of SF Parade there with WARNING.

I have to add one to your list... around 3PM... I want to stand on the corner we can see in shots from your office and yell ' JEREMY I know you are in there!' So far no plans to come to New York so you are safe... may or may not give you WARNING though.

Posted by: LOrion | Jun 30, 2008 3:36:28 PM

Apparently some right-winger singled me out to help him with his quest to destroy the Twin Cities Pride. Many of the bars opened early on Sunday morning. You could go in to use the restroom, get out of the sun, get a free coffee or a free bottle of water. You could not buy any alcohol. I even saw a few police officers get a free bottle of water. The guy in question was wearing dress slacks and a button down shirt. I guess I looked pretty dumb to him (that happens a lot), so he approached me. He wanted to know why the bars were open before 10 AM. My explanation seemed to disappoint him, and he walked away dejected.

Of course, when 10 AM rolled around, it was Mimosa time for Mikey and Eddie!

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jun 30, 2008 3:47:46 PM

Where is this video? I want to see it

Posted by: Jake | Jun 30, 2008 8:33:56 PM

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