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They think Jesus should bang the gavel, yet WE'RE the unlawful ones?!

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 2-158You know the Alliance Defense Fund, the conservative legal group that argues against gay equality at every turn? The group that argued against marriage equality in California? The outfit that tried to have a "stay" placed on the California ruling until the anti-gay side had a chance the get their constitutional amendment passed at the polls? The group that has issued the following video in which ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence invokes "God and his sovereignty" as a justification for the group's battle against civil equality (which Mr. Lorence liken to the work of Satan):

Yea, well, that same Alliance Defense Fund is now lashing out against Equality California and other pro-gay rights groups for filing a lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the anti-gay ballot initiative process. And in the most hypocri-diculous of fashions, the "stop the gays by any means necessary" folks at the ADF are actually suggesting that by questioning the legal merits of the anti-gay side's initiative, it is the pro-gay side who is actually out to "evade democracy." They say:

Equality California and its allies are desperate to evade democracy. First, they used the courts to erase the votes of nearly 5 million Californians who voted to protect marriage. Now, they are trying to silence the people’s voice forever,” said ADF Senior Counsel Glen Lavy. “This is just another attempt to force a radical political agenda upon the people of California. The opponents of marriage are willing to use any means necessary to impose their will.

Oh yea, that's right -- it's not those who've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the judiciary to try to both stop the California marriages and discredit our nation's court system who are trying to futz with the process. And it's not those who are trying to use faith-based rationale to argue against civil equality who are trying to "impose their will." It's those who are simply ensuring that the opposition's endeavor is legally kosher who are truly out of line.

::Writer rolls eyes so dramatically, he's sure the ADF will accuse him of trying to silence the anti-gay side's right to vote against sarcastic ocular gestures::

Look, it's admittedly uncertain if Equality California and allies have a case and will be able to successfully have the anti-gay initiative tossed on legal grounds. But one thing is for sure: Those legal outfits who live in process-stifling houses, should not throw stones!

ADF: Equality California “desperate to evade democracy” [ADF]

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Your thoughts

In much the same way ""Christians"" (notice the double warning quotes as they are ANYTHING but Christ-like) cherry-pick through the Bible searching for justification for pre-existing prejudices, they also cherry-pick their way through the constitution and other founding documents. Apparently they feel that their freedom of religion trumps any and all parts of the constitution pertaining to equality for gays and lesbians. It trumps procedure, it trumps due process, it trumps fairness, it trumps anything and everything.
Nevermind pro-gay religions, or sects of Christianity itself. Nevermind liberty, privacy, none of this matters because their interpretation of the Bible says "no gay marriage" even though it's not one of our founding documents. Even though it goes against REAL Christian principles of living and let living, letting he who is without sin cast stones, taking the log out of your own eye first, and loving they neighbor as theyself.

Posted by: Jason D | Jun 23, 2008 12:03:33 PM

I really like Lavy's "opponents of marriage" crack. This jackass and his side are the opponents of marriage here, not us. But they think that they can twist the rhetoric in every way necessary to cast us as the negative, destructive vein, and themselves as the protectors of everything chaste and good.

But I really think that his words backfire on him a little bit. In this moment of same-sex marriages appearing in the media with great frequency, calling someone an "opponent of marriage" might (just might) have the connotation of opposing same-sex marriage. In which case, Mr. Lavy just kicked himself in the proverbial balls. Especially when he says "The opponents of marriage are willing to use any means necessary . . . " I think most would wonder if he was talking about himself.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 23, 2008 1:15:27 PM

Thanks for the comments...they are worth another 100 bucks to the ADF. It was much easier when they weren't around....wasn't it?

Posted by: Robert | Aug 5, 2008 12:40:55 PM

What was much easier, Robert? If you mean fighting for equality, than you are completely mistaken. The AFA"s "logic" has been immensely helpful to our side.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Aug 5, 2008 12:56:08 PM

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