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Video: Lavy confuses bi love with 'Big Love'

by Jeremy Hooper

We showed you Mat Staver blatantly lying about the possibility of the CA ruling leading to legalized polygamy. We also showed you Tony Perkins suggesting that the California legislature had been overstepped, even though they have twice approved marriage equality legislation. Now in this third clip from last week's FRC press conference addressing the California marriage ruling, see Alliance Defense Fund attorney Glen Lavy act as if bisexuality and polygamy are intertwined concepts:

No Glen? You really don't see any difference between a bisexual who wants two partners and a same-sex couple who wants one? Oh, well here, we graduated from the second grade -- let us help you:

BISEXUALITY, LIKE HOMOSEXUALITY OR HETEROSEXUALITY, IS AN ORIENTATION, NOT A CHOSEN PATTERN OF COMMITMENT!!! Just like a man who is attracted to two different women must pledge a legal commitment to only the ONE of them who he intends to marry, a bisexual person must also enter into a union with only ONE PERSON! Bisexuality doesn't mean a person is attracted to multiple partners -- it just means that their capacity for finding their true love is not limited to only one specific gender!!!! It's BIsexuality, not SIMULTANEOU-sexuality!! Stop pretending like you do not know this!!!!!

Alrighty, we feel better now. But you know what would REALLY tickle our pickle? If these self-professed good Christians would stop lying through their ever-loving teeth!

Full FRC video (above part comes around the 25 min mark) [FRC]

**This is not the first time we've seen this faux confusion from the "pro-family" community. In fact, Jan LaRue, late of the Concerned Women For America, once went on a disingenuous "muti attractions = multi partners" bender:

LaRue not saying 'bi, bi' to fallacious argument [G-A-Y]
CWA speaker: Bi Love = "Big Love" [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

Wow! Those polygamists must be running wild in Massachusetts to have these fundies all up-in-arms! Or maybe they don't have any real arguments, just the made-up ones.

And, I really doubt that Lavy is confused about bisexuals and polygamists . . . he is just hoping to conflate the issues into one so that he can make his point a little more salacious, because salaciousness really riles up the troops. Polygamy is pretty boring (twelve old nags whining all the time) but bisexual polygamists (whew) now that's goosebumps city . . . those little blue-hairs thump on the pacemakers and really perk up at that topic.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 3, 2008 5:15:39 PM

LOL @ bisexual polygamists.

Actually that wouldn't be a bad idea. The men could be around for the fun activities, and the women can do the sh*t I HATE doing - like housecleaning, yardwork, etc. As for THEIR fun activities, they're free to get their own man - as long as it isn't one of mine! LOL

Posted by: Scott | Jun 3, 2008 8:56:39 PM

Thank you. The one I really like getting is that since I've settled down, clearly I've "chosen a side" and am no longer bi. :P

Posted by: vileseagulls | Jun 4, 2008 3:05:28 AM

G-A-Y, Cheers, I love it when someone sticks up for the bi's we don't get a lot of people separating us from polygamy and it warms my little heart. :')


Posted by: Corvidae | Jun 4, 2008 6:31:49 PM

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