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Lift the marriage bar, slam the prison bars?

by Jeremy Hooper

ATTENTION, TOTALITY OF THE 'PRO-FAMILY' MOVEMENT: You all have forfeited the right to ever again complain that the pro-gay side uses hyperbole or fear to support their pushes. For your side's Jim Garlow, lead pastor of San Diego's Skyline Wesleyan Church, has just put out some rhetoric so over-the-top in its fear-mongery baselessness, he has completely sucked all merit out of the possibility that any other political team could possibly use more linguistically excessive rhetoric.

200807291252Here's what Jim Garlow had to say, as quoted by One News Now:

"[If] we lose [the fight for Prop. 8], we go to jail. How soon I don't know. But the fact is this is the kind of case where political correctness is bearing down," the pastor contends. "If a pastor refuses to perform a homosexual wedding, if we lose on this, he will be or she will be so incredibly vulnerable at that time."

Gays get married and Christians go to the slammer? Wow. Clearly Mr Garlow's confused about what we mean when we say our honeymoons are going to lead to increased penal activity!

Garlow details urgency of passing Prop. 8 [ONN]

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Your thoughts

Thanks JH needed that... having a bad day... I think increased penal activity could be just the thing.

Posted by: LOrion | Jul 29, 2008 1:16:20 PM

Why do these guys continue to think that anyone in the LGBT community would want to get married in their Churches? I want my wedding day to be full of love and joy, not with a bunch of rabid mutts barking and screeching in the background about how evil and immoral my 10 year monogamous relationship is…

Posted by: Randy | Jul 29, 2008 1:35:58 PM

I don't recall any criminal statutes that call for incarceration for refusing to perform a wedding ceremony??? Though, it is a somewhat pleasant thought to believe that radical religious right might be driven out of business under the weight of hefty losses due to civil actions brought against them.

Ah, who am I kidding, that is just tooooo much to hope for . . . just look at the WBC still spewing their vitriol! But they may still lose that appeal . . .

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 29, 2008 1:36:33 PM

"I don't recall any criminal statutes that call for incarceration for refusing to perform a wedding ceremony"

That's because you're cheating, Dick. You're looking to the law rather than an overactive imagination.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 29, 2008 1:43:43 PM

Jeremy's working blue - :) luvit!

You could also say that Rev. Garlow's hyperbole is due to increased pineal activity, for which he should see a clinician. it's a gland.

Posted by: larry | Jul 29, 2008 1:58:25 PM

Just like all those preachers went to jail when they refused to perform interracial marriages.....

Oh, wait.... That didn't happen.

And like Randy said, why would LGBT folks want to get married by a bigot anyway?

Posted by: GayMormonBoy | Jul 30, 2008 3:28:34 AM

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