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What next, MassResistance -- Mardi Gras photos standing in for hetero 'I dos'?

by Jeremy Hooper

REMINDER: Don't book MassResistance staff members to put together any part of our wedding albums! Seriously, under no circumstances. No matter how good the price -- and they are certainly known for "cheap shots" -- we are under no circumstances to hire these folks for our nuptial-documenting needs!

So why do we feel the need to put in place a memory jog on this? Well, because we just saw the following handout that the anti-gay organization is distributing to members of the state House to encourage them to vote against repealing the 1913 marriage law. And despite their insistence that it's "gay marriage"-centric, it certainly doesn't represent any same-sex marriage we've ever experienced! Have a look:

See what we mean? Their "I do"-documenting skills seriously leave something to be desired! Hell, judging by that photo book, we'd spend the whole ceremony worrying that instead of our first kiss and champagne toast, they were instead at the nearby sex shop grabbing unrelated shots of double-sided dildos.

Yea, no. We're just gonna have some other shutterbug cover the day when we destroy all that is moral and right in the world. Sorry, MR. If we hold an Unfair Usage of Parade Revelry In Order To Demonize banquet, we'll call ya.

Document source:
MA House dragging feet on vote on "1913 Law" repeal. [MR]

**Read this document on Scribd: 1913 handout2

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Your thoughts

unfortunately, "scribd" locks up and crashes my internets tubes. . .every time.

I'll take it on your word not to hire Mass Resistance to photograph my upcoming nuptual.

Posted by: | Jul 22, 2008 9:11:50 PM

Ah, that sucks. Sorry.

Are you using Internet Explorer?

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 22, 2008 10:03:10 PM

"scribd" locks up my computer at work running win XP Pro, IE 7.
I can see it before it locks up my sis's computer with win XP Pro, IE 7. after 1/2 min by that time i can save it to look at off line.
My home computer has win 98se, with IE 6.1 runing. and i have no trouble at all.
My friends have have win XP home & IE 7. and have no trouble at all.

Posted by: Scott B | Jul 22, 2008 10:27:15 PM

Works fine with Intel Mac/Safari... I am sorry to say. Let's see lovely tall man in red hat, mask, (filled) bikini top, chubby bear in leather harness, leather pants 2 sizes (at least) too small with top 3 buttons undone, lots of ladies behind Queer Femme Pride banner, sign saying 'If I wanted cock I'd get a Rooster,' held by a mousy makeupless miss, ummmm now I see the red earrings, ok MZ. Nope not a one of a happy couple, attendants, family, cake etc. Bet their services are cheap though, they look like it.

Posted by: LOrion | Jul 22, 2008 10:35:06 PM

MassResistance seems to have overlooked these images from Boston Pride, showing various local school and youth groups:

No, those aren't pictures of nuptials, either, but they do speak to how skewed MassResistance's view of the community is. (Not that you need convincing here.)

Posted by: Dana | Jul 23, 2008 12:30:00 AM

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