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Checking in on a McFailing endeavor

by Jeremy Hooper

And now for this week's edition of...

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Here now, the McStats:


Only one day (7/11) that was down at all, and that was only by .04. And as of 3PM, today's is hovering in the 63.40 range.

A triumph over unfair, baseless bullying, that's for sure. Now if the company would only roll out a really kick ass veggie burger, this proudly gay, proudly herbivorous writer would be peachy! One can only drink so many iced coffees (and I've already exceeded the number).

**Our complete Mickey D's boycott roundup

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Your thoughts

Y'know, I'm so glad someone at McDonald's finally said what needed to be said about the Christofacists - that they are hateful people.

I just wish our elected officials would just say, "Enough! Why don't you people wake up and realize that groups like AFA, TVC, FRC and FoF don't actually believe a word they are saying! They know that same-sex marriage isn't going to destroy marriage. They know that outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation isn't going to open a flood-gate of lawsuits. They know that hate-crime law are not thought-crime laws. Hell, they don't even believe "ex"-gay therapy works! They are just trying to get you riled up so that you will send them money!"

Or is that asking too much?

Posted by: stojef | Aug 15, 2008 4:15:08 PM

Cool, thanks for the update!

Oh yeah, and breaking news that Don Wildmon might want to pass along: those talented Chicken McNuggets are talking about dressing in drag for the next MacDonalds commercial.

I prefer their cute little Halloween costumes, but whatever.

Posted by: Scott | Aug 15, 2008 4:16:33 PM

yeah, but I'm still waiting for the mcrib comeback.

Posted by: gary | Aug 15, 2008 5:51:04 PM

Posting calorie content on their menus hasn't hurt then either.

Posted by: ZenithNYC | Aug 15, 2008 8:12:56 PM

This entire saga makes the Big 'n' Tasty I had for lunch that much bigger/tastier. Well done, Ronald!

Posted by: Kate | Aug 15, 2008 10:06:48 PM

So if a company wants to improve their business, support the gay community and get boycotted by the AFA.

Posted by: juice | Aug 16, 2008 12:48:34 AM

Maybe Mrs. Fields shouldn't have caved last year when the AFA threatened a boycott because they weren't using the word "Chistmas" for selling their cookies during the holiday season. Mrs. Fields caved and added a "Christmas Cookie" recipe, or something like that, and the AFA backed down.

Now Mrs. Fields is in chapter 11, when they could be enjoying their best year ever.

Just say NO to all religious extremists.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Aug 17, 2008 2:15:16 PM

Jeremy -- There was an article in July on the site for Americans United for separation of church and state about this AFA boycott, calling it absurd and typical of the Radical Religious. I've just left a link to this GAY page as an update.
Here's their article:

Posted by: Robin Reardon | Aug 17, 2008 5:26:44 PM

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