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Despite gays' 'assaults,' Mass Dems live to share marriage tale

by Jeremy Hooper

So this is pretty cool: During the roll call of the states during today's presidential nominating process, Massachusetts' Dem delegation (led by Sen. Therese Murray) made a point of mentioning that the Bay State was the first in the nation to move towards marriage equality.  Politicker MA has more on that and other state mentions: 

Obama edges Clinton among Mass. delegates, 65 to 52 [Politicker MA]

Dems who are not only okay with the fair and equal concept, but actually CELEBRATING their role in it?  Times = changing, my friends!

It remains to be see what Massachusetts' Republican delegation has in store for their own roll call next week.  Though an inside source tells us that they will literally roll into a fetal position and weep while the Alabama delegation simultaneously comforts and scolds them.  So that should be fun.

***UPDATE: PageOneQ has the video.

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Your thoughts

Okay, finally got to link, when I punched the button hard enough... And here is the rest the little MASS plug....not too shabby as they say!... Why am I living in California again?
oh yeah!

"We are the pioneer in universal health care," she said, "We are the birthplace of education. And we are first in equality in marriage in the United States."

Thank for heads up JH. And while I was searching for that I also found this 'old' news.
Harkness Calls on MassEquality to Stop Working to Defeat Long Time LGBT Rights Advocates
July 30, 2008 - 2:05pm
Tags: Dawn Harkness, MassEquality, Pam Richardson,
Release Date: Jul 30 2008
FRAMINGHAM - Dawn Harkness, Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 6th Middlesex District, today released an open letter written to MassEquality urging the group to "immediately cease using any funds raised from Massachusetts residents to defeat life-long champions of civil rights for LGBT people."

"As a lifelong advocate for full equality, which is more than equal marriage rights, I'm terribly disappointed with how MassEquality is using its funds" said Harkness. "Every day LGBT folks from Framingham and beyond are visiting my website,, and donating to my campaign because there is huge dissatisfaction with MassEquality's endorsement in my race."

Posted by: LOrion | Aug 28, 2008 11:31:55 AM

From HRC this interesting tidbit:

The Massachusetts Family Institute announced it will not participate in a petition drive to block out-of-state, gay and lesbian couples from being married in Massachusetts. The group’s president said that they could not win on this issue because thousands of marriages will have taken place before the proposed ballot question could go to voters in November 2010. MassResistance, the group organizing the petition drive, must collect more than 33,000 signatures from registered voters by October 29th to put it on the ballot.

Posted by: Dianne | Aug 28, 2008 6:27:17 PM

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