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Businesses rejecting bias: Its good cents and sense

by Jeremy Hooper

Speaking about businesses that score highly on the Human Rights Campaign's index of gay-inclusive companies, anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera has the following to say:

What we are surprised at is that more people aren’t engaging these corporations, because to get a top ranking at HRC you have to essentially say that you only support the gay side," ... "If you do anything that constitutes being even close to supporting the pro-family side -- for example, helping a pro-marriage effort or a campaign to stop gay 'marriage' -- you cannot get a perfect rating according to HRC.

But see, here's where our opposition's terminology trips them up. Pete's trying to spin this corporate situation as a two-sided battle with differing viewpoints: one that's "pro-gay" versus one that "pro-family" and "pro-marriage." But the truth, of course, is that the situation is really "peaceful acceptance of LGBT people's role within the confines of civil society" versus "faith-based discrimination." Both business and society in general should unapologetically place a higher rating on tolerance than on bias.

Pete says he's surprised more people aren't speaking out against the acceptance. However, that's a red herring. People have been speaking out against gay acceptance for decades. It's just that over time, more and more folks have realized that LGBT people are, in fact, humans rather than demons. Businesses have realized that many LGBT people are smart, creative, goal-minded, go-getters who could help their companies thrive. Various other entities have had their eyes opened to the fact that one's personal theological views cannot and should not be used against one in civil society. And over time, those who do engage in anti-gay politics have naturally found themselves ever-more relegated to the fringes. It's not because this pesky "homosexual agenda" has indoctrinated or brainwashed anyone or anything. It's that inequality-minded rhetoric ALWAYS loses popularity over time.

Later in the One News Now piece where the aforementioned quote appears, the writer quotes Pete as saying that if this fight is lost for his side, then their "freedom to engage for truth in America" will be lost as well. But that's imply untrue. Pete's freedom to espouse his version of "truth" is not going anywhere. What is disappearing and will continue to disappear is an audience willing to give these views even a modicum of favor.

HRC releases report on homosexual-friendly companies [ONN]

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Your thoughts

Pete's just upset that he went from rags to riches on the back of the gay community - and is slowly but surely going back to rags.

That's his own fault that he wasn't prepared for the future - did he think he was going to make a living with his homosex obsession forever?

LaBarbera - you're not going to be able to send your 5 kids to college, by giggling while chasing after nude men with a camera in bathhouses.

Posted by: Scott | Sep 5, 2008 1:27:40 PM

I don't know who porno Pete thinks he's kidding. That man is so deep in the closet he's finding cockroaches.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Sep 5, 2008 5:33:52 PM

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