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He who puts energy in bias decries they who put energy in everything

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 1-199The Pacific Justice Institute's Brad Dacus is all kinds of angry at PG&E because of the utility company's decision to donate money to the NO ON PROPOSITION 8 campaign. This from a PJI press release:

Brad Dacus filed an administrative complaint with the California Public Utilities Commission over the $250,000 contribution by PG&E to oppose traditional marriage. The quarter million dollar donation went to the war chest of the No on Proposition 8 campaign. The executive director of Equality California, Geoff Kors, was quoted in the LA Times as saying: "We are thrilled to partner with PG&E."

"It is outrageous that a mammoth utility used my money to undermine the values of families in my community," said Dacus, who is the president of the Pacific Justice Institute. The complaint submitted by Dacus to the Commission stated: "Proposition 8 has no relevance to the supply and distribution of energy services to its customers. As a corporation which has been given near monopoly status (CA Public Utilities Code section 451, et seq.), its use of money extracted from customers to influence an item appearing on the ballot that does not promote the welfare of customers relative to energy is an abuse of trust."

Used MY money? Undermined the values in MY community? Well that's Bradley's problem -- he views the world around him in far too narrow of a (PG&E-provided) light. Those who instead view PG&E for the whole of its customer base, and who view the marriage equality matter through the lens of fairness under the law, will see that taking a stand for LGBT nondiscrimination is a step that only strengthens the community. And not Brad's community nor gay people's community, but rather OUR collective community.

Dacus goes on to say that "if the corporate fat cats want to write personal checks to overthrow traditional marriage, that's their business. But not on my dime." We reply:

"Well, it was actually 2,500,000 dimes, Brad. And unfortunately, as long as there are people out there who use dark words like "overthrow marriage" to detail another group's constitutional equality, those who counter dim ideas with illuminated ones will have a need to counter dim ideas with cash."

PJI President Files Complaint Against PG&E Over Funding of Prop 8 [PJI]

**UPDATE: PJI is suggesting that PG&E customers switch to Tiger Natural Gas, which made us curious to see where this Tiger company stands on the matter. Here's the statement provided to us by the company's manager of business development / supplier diversity:

Tiger is a minority and a woman owned business and is committed to not discriminate against any person or organization. Diversity in our customer, supplier and employee base allows us to react and adapt quickly to the changing business environment that confronts us every day.

Tiger does not discriminate against any of its current or prospective customers and welcomes any person or organization regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual preference to promote Tiger as an alternative natural gas supplier.

For this reason we welcome anyone who chooses us as a supplier for any reason. Whether they choose us as a protest or because we can offer them a cost savings, better customer support, and alternative pricing options. Essentially, we make ourselves available to anyone who would like to use our services. I urge you and your organization to make people aware that in the PG&E utility system you have a choice on who you buy your natural gas from. If you want to be served by the best you will need to switch to Tiger Natural Gas.

If you know of any organization or person who is promoting Tiger as being for proposition 8 or against the LGBT community please let me know and I will personally make sure they know that Tiger will not take sides on this or any political issue and will not discriminate against any person, group of people, or organization.

We also have a company policy that does not allow Tiger to contribute to any organization with primarily political goals.

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