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Unfair attacks? Bizarre fascination? Terms like 'Nancy Pelosi's district'? Wow, is it Folsom Fair time already?

by Jeremy Hooper

Peter LaBarbera and his friend Linda Harvey have finally revealed what we've known all along: That their campaigns against fetish and leather fairs are not as much about stopping the events themselves as they are about stopping gay rights as a whole. A leap in logic that is offensive to gays, voters, the Democratic party, and anyone who recognizes that certain sexualized places and things (like heterosexual strip clubs, legal brothels like Nevada's Cathouse, etc.) do not speak to human sexuality in general! Let us explain. Of his planned protest of the upcoming Folsom Street Fair, an annual fetish event that takes place in San Francisco, Peter says this:

 Btb Wp-Content Uploads 2008 05 Lababs2Folks, AFTAH is organizing this event in America’s “queer” Mecca later this month to remind the rest of the country (and Californians voting on the marriage protection) about the downward spiraling trajectory of liberal “tolerance” and the homosexual activist agenda.

Then building on the theme that a fetish event has even the slightest thing to do with civil marriage equality, Pete's pal in protest, Linda Harvey, says this:

Harvey-1[Linda] Harvey joins other pro-family groups later this month in San Francisco to protest and expose the Folsom Street Fair, a public street orgy which includes sado-masochism, full nudity and homosexuality. They will also discuss the urgent need to pass Proposition 8, the ballot initiative upholding traditional marriage.
“California’s unsustainable sexual license is not an export we welcome in middle America,” said Harvey. “We don’t want same sex ‘marriage’ legalized, nor to have our children taught to praise homosexuality, as California children now must do after the passage of SB 777 and AB 394. And we don’t want naked people having sex in our streets.” Under the new laws, children must be taught favorable viewpoints about homosexuality and transgenderism. Other opinions are banned.

If Proposition 8 fails – and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama succeed in their stated goal of repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act – all states could be forced under the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution to recognize homosexual ‘marriages’ legalized by a CA court ruling in May.

Joining Mission America for the protest are Americans for Truth, American Family Association of Pennsylvania, the St. Joseph Men’s Society and other concerned groups.

“The ‘corruption footprint’ of California is staggering,” Harvey stated. “Sadly, San Francisco is a dying city discarding its children. Its only hope is the ‘offset’ provided by the fresh air of California’s traditional, caring families. Hopefully, these families will turn this state around and spare the rest of America from the polluting effects of California’s moral decay.”

And you know what? It's totally fine if they want to judge and protest the Folsom Street Fair on its own merits. There are even some gay people who might join in on a non-aprtisan, non-political protest of the event. But when they try to make a blatantly political link between one adult party and broad concepts like marriage equality or teaching tolerance in schools, that's when we take issue.

Implying that this one nichey event should raise the eyebrows of California voters is kind of like saying certain grooms' randy, stipper-laden bachelor parties should raise the eyebrows of brides worldwide. Or it's like using the more hetero inclusive Fetish Ball that also takes place in San Francisco every spring and using it to make a point regarding the "sanctity" of heterosexual marriages. Or it's like looking at the "married men in search of a hookup" posts on Craigslist and using them to say that all dudes with rings on their fingers ultimately cheat. You get the point.

These certain activities and indulgences, from the benign to the extreme, simply do not define the whole! Hell, fetish events don't even define the majority of the participants themselves. For many, these are rare escapes from the humdrum of vanilla life. But to hear Pete and Linda tell it, events like Folsom are a window into the fight for gay rights. They see a dude flogging another leather-clad dude and rather than say, "Whoa, that's not for me!" they instead say, "WHOA, THAT MAKES ME THINK THAT GAY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE NON-DESERVING OF EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW, PROTECTION, OR EVEN RESPECT!" And again: The offenses of that logic-leap extend far beyond the queer community, reaching out to anyone who desires an informed electorate who will cast votes based on fact rather than biased rhetoric!

It's certain that we will be hearing much from Peter between now an the Folsom Street Fair (9/28), since he essentially turns into a kid at XXXmas every time this event rolls around. We, however, plan to ignore all of it. For one reason, we've said our piece on this matter time and time again, and we're bored with it. But for another: There is no real conversation to even be had on this. Peter, Linda, and crew will continue to make a disingenuous link between fetish events and constitutional freedom, and so even dignifying requires us to go to ridiculous place of untruth (even greater than the waters into which we so frequently have to dive). So barring unforeseen circumstances, consider this our one and only Folsom Street Fair for 2008.

But we do want you to have a nice and safe time at the event, Peter. And we sincerely look forward to seeing your photo spread from the event, which, like pumpkin gnocchi and carving a pumpkin, has become an autumn rite of passage for us (and an annual question-raiser for folks on the "pro-family" side).

Harvey: California ‘Corruption Footprint’ Not Wanted in Middle America [AFT]

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Your thoughts

"since he essentially turns into a kid at XXXmas every time this event rolls around"

No shit, Peter gets all excited about the FSF twice as much as I used to get excited as a kid, in the days approaching a trip to King's Island or Six Flags! LOL

Except when Peter gets there, he's like "What should I take pictures of first? The dildo's, the porn DVD's, or that guy getting rimmed? So much stuff that's right up my alley, so little time!!!"

Posted by: Scott | Sep 19, 2008 3:25:40 PM

I think Linda Harvey would look good in leather! Especially if her ensemble includes a good push-up bra that corrects her slouchy posture! Black leather short-shorts and spiky hip boots might work too.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 19, 2008 10:57:16 PM

o'rly. they're going to be protesting there, are they?

dear Pete: maybe making a giant ass of yourself in an area where such paraphernelia as single tail whips, floggers, stompy boots and knives may be available is not such a hot idea.


She-Ra Teh Sabre-Toothed Vagina

Posted by: belledame222 | Sep 22, 2008 3:51:50 AM

I live in the wine country north of San Francisco and all I can say about what I've read above is that Linda and Peter are so far out of left field to be ridiculous. But maybe they should keep on spouting their rhetoric so that it will eventually make them look bad. Thanks Linda and Peter but speaking as a heterosexual woman who takes her children to the City often I've never in my 30 years had anything bad or untoward happen. San Francisco is the friendliest place to be. You two are sick in the head.

Posted by: Unrelated Harvey | Nov 9, 2008 7:02:58 PM

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