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Video: Bottled-up whine, aged 26 years

by Jeremy Hooper

Remember Ryan Sorba, the young conservative who tours college campuses forcefully foisting his own unsound ideas about homosexuality onto impressionable young people? The dude whose speech once led Smith College students to rise up in protest of the dehumanizing rhetoric in their midst? The guy who we, while conducting an extremely cursory search of just a short clip of just one his speeches, were once able to find him blatantly twisting and misrepresenting the words of his supposed sources? The young man who we actually kind of hope is a rising star within the "pro-family" movement, because his anger is so palpable and his logic so fallible?

Yea, well young Ryan was at the Republican Convention last week, where he appeared on "The Young Turks" show. Check out the fun:

Forcefully shouting down his opposition rather fostering a casual back-and-forth? Aggressive pushes of far-fetched ideas without even really listening to dissenting opinions? Childish jabs like, "Does your dog bark with a lisp?" Young Ryan certainly has the conservative media punditry thing down. Unfortunately it's science class and "rational consideration of actual facts" training that he seems to have eschewed.

Why is This Guy Obsessed with Sodomy? [YouTube]

**Oh, and as for the "Roughgarden" that he quotes around the 6:15 mark? Joan Roughgarden, a Stanford University biologist (WOW -- actual scientific credentials!), is a transgender individuals whose work in NO WAY supports Ryan Sorba's claims about homosexuality in the animal kingdom! In fact, her work directly challenges the idea that homosexuality is "unnatural"!

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Your thoughts

He's fun! I want to invite him to a dinner party -- "it's a meaningless combination of words to say that sodomy is moral."

Posted by: tjc | Sep 8, 2008 9:51:47 AM

He just makes up statistics on the fly. It sounds like he is taking his 2% of the American population that "identifies as gay" "statistic" and conflating that to some notion of a 2% of animal species. Because otherwise I have no idea where the number is coming from, but then, I also have no idea where the 2% number that these homo-obsessed straight guys use comes from either. The British government bean-counters, put the number closer to 6% the last time that I saw a number from them.

But, using his 2% number, he then, with some reasoning that I am unaware of, makes the leap to suggest that homosexuality is unnatural because so few of the population identify as gay. That is absurdly moronic enough to be laughable.

Even if it were true (and it isn't) that homosexual behavior exists only in 2% of vertebrates (that copulate), that would only serve to prove that homosexuality IS natural. And, his attempt to twist 'the undeniable proof of homosexuality in nature' into 'proof of the UNnatural-ity of homosexuality' is tantamount to a lie, and a bad lie at that. He may not like liars, but he sure does like to lie.

But, he did get the opportunity to plug his book-like thingy that he calls, "The Born Gay Hoax." But he was so busy bailing water out of his sinking boat, that I didn't catch whether he actually has been able to get the pile of campfire-ready-kindling published.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 8, 2008 11:15:01 AM

I think he doth protest too much.

Posted by: Brad in Indiana | Sep 8, 2008 12:24:42 PM

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