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Westboro to debate; will they mention any plumbers?

by Jeremy Hooper

In music, there are Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson. Film and television have fostered the Duff sisters and the Olsen twins. Sports has netted Serena and Venus Williams. But when it comes to rabid disdain for gay people, it's all about Westboro 200810170918-2Baptist's Shirley Phelps-Roper and her sister Margie Phelps. And next week, the latter duo will appear at Florida International University, where they will debate the merits of the Sunshine State's proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage:

Anti-gay church to participate in debate on gay marriage ban [Sun Sentinel]

The ladies Phelps will debate Jose Gabilondo, an associate law professor at FIU. However, the funniest thing is to hear how the organized anti-gay side is reacting to the booking. This from a longtime foe of the 'mos, Janet Folger:

"That's the most heinous thing I've ever heard. They go to the most radical group," said Janet Folger, an Amendment 2 supporter who heads a more mainstream Fort Lauderdale-based group called Faith2Action. "It's a deliberate attempt to make the pro-marriage people appear to be something they're not."

We say to that:

"Look, Westboro opposes gay marriage. Strongly. Just like the KKK, white supremacists, various religious extremists, and neo-Nazis also oppose gay marriage. So while it's true that Westboro and all the other aforementioned groups are far more radical about their objections to marriage equality and should not be directly compared to casual opponents of gay rights, the fact remains that they all stand against fairness for LGBT people. And, ultimately, they all casually toss around the implication that gays' eternal residence will be hot and firey.

What folks like Ms. Folger need to ask themselves is
why the most heated, condemned hate groups on the American landscape take the same exact political position on this particular issue as the "good, moral, pro-family" peeps. We know that would certainly make us take pause."

**UPDATE: We have obtained a response from Shirley Phelps-Roper:

Good morning Jeremy -

I LOVE that reaction. Those phony self-righteous so-called Christians. GAG me with a whole set of eating utensils!! They think it is all about THEIR righteousness. Here it is: Romans 10:2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
3 For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.
4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
So for the arrogant "Christians", the face of that is this:

Soccer mom* says: God is too hard, so I will do better and (YIKES) teach my children my nice new standard, to wit: God is just kidding, or perhaps he is a big fat liar, because of a truth, that whole no adultery thing - NOT so much (she knows Christ said divorce plus remarriage is adultery) in fact little child who knew NOTHING, you can change your sex partners and spouses as often as you brush your tooth, and begin that drill as young as you like, that way, if drunken, drug using soccer mom* decides that she would like some action with a friend and fellow student of one of her children, well, they are available. Oh, and that whole thou shall not kill - forget that as well, because after you play, you better not bring that bimbo home pregnant, you "tidy up" (that's soccer mom* speak for murder) that mess! Then, after all that filthy rebellion against God, God gives back pursuant to his precious promises, and the next thing goofy soccer mom* joins the ranks of Doomed american families that have a child in their face "coming out" that they are "gay". Now, as she looks down her pointy self-righteous nose at the child that is the product of HER rebellion, she has to say - oh my, well - as embarrassing as that is for my social-climbing back side, I guess I just have to hold my nose and say that God is also a liar about that abomination thing, and say that in fact it is okay to be gay. BUT I DRAW THE LINE THERE. They get nothing else! None of that marrying thing. Well - okay - domestic partners, but NO MARRYING up in here, that's for us adulterers. We have to protect the sanctity of marriage. That's part of our job, blah, blah, BARF!!

Can you say HYPOCRITES!!

This bimbo Janet Folger has got that RIGHT!! She is NOTHING like us. She is a coward of the first water. She won't get into a debate or even a discussion with those people in Florida, because she is NOT ABOUT to warn her fellow man that their sin will take them to hell BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT THE STANDARDS OF GOD, or for any other reason. She is just about the business of setting her own standards, and THAT my friend Jeremy is EXACTLY what the scripture means when it says - JUDGE NOT THAT YE BE NOT JUDGED, because by that new standard that you set, God is going to judge you!! Now - think about these hypocrites having to be judged by their own standards. YIKES!! They are in a LOT of trouble with their maker! She doesn't say any words because she HAS NO WORDS!!

What little Miss Thang had better wrap her rebel mind around is that this nation will HAVE same-sex marriage, and don't look now dummies, but you already do!!! Further, if you think that you can get some "Amendment" passed and change that - WRONG!! I hope they put every dime they have into that project, because when they are done, and IF they manage to get it passed (NOT likely, as God, pursuant to his precious promises is ALREADY rendering judgment according to their nice new standards, and under their nice new standards, all contrary to HIS, EVERYONE should be permitted to marry, including the animals) well, it will take some judge about 10 seconds, and with a signing of his name, all that money and work will go DOWN THE TOILET with the rest of their lying facade!

You need a nice cup of coffee when you read this :)

Oh - and yes, I will be there. Have a nice day!


*Soccer mom: Any person, male or female that thinks being a good parent is about baking cookies and running your children around to various useless activities as a piss-poor substitute for doing that MOST important duty to them of teaching them every day in every way with every thing they do and say what the Lord their God requires of them!!

Of a truth, they could bake the cookies, do the activities AND OBEY THEIR GOD!!

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Your thoughts

"GAG me with a whole set of eating utensils!!"

Oh please, can I?

Posted by: Kristi | Oct 17, 2008 10:53:02 AM

Jeremy, what I find so funny is that Shirley seems to enjoy these interactions with you. She's almost...friendly...in her nuttiness.

"Good morning! Fire fire fire burn burn gay burn adulteress Little Miss Thang :) :) :) Have a really good day giggle LOL!"

Posted by: Evan | Oct 17, 2008 12:41:22 PM

Evan: Oh, she totally does enjoy our interactions. And you know what? So do I.

When we first started conversing about three years ago, there was certainly more hostility thrown my way. However, I think Shirley understands that I have no desire to make anything personal. When we chat, it's because I genuinely want her unique insight into a matter. And that's what she gives me: The raw story of what her family is saying/doing/thinking. I actually appreciate that.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Oct 17, 2008 12:44:56 PM

Jeremy, I am probably as amazed as you are that you can have this kind of dialogue with Miss Phelps.

But what caught my eye was this little gem:
"What little Miss Thang had better wrap her rebel mind around is that this nation will HAVE same-sex marriage, and don't look now dummies, but you already do!!!"

I am just amazed that Shirley concedes our victory even before it has been realized. And that she understands that gay marriage already exists in America. Yet, so many of the "nice" fundamentalists aren't even in touch with reality enough to understand that very basic point. The fact that shirley, loony as she is, gets it, should give ALL of them pause.

Say what you will about the Phelps clan, say what you will about their religious beliefs and their tactics. As a gay man, I am no FAN or defender of Westboro, but I have to give them credit: they're more in touch with reality than most fundamentalists and they're certainly more honest.

Posted by: Jason D | Oct 17, 2008 12:50:34 PM

Jeremy -

After reading Shirley's comments I found myself wondering about the connection she seems to be making about Janet Folger of F2A (setting own standards, bimbo). It almost seems as if she is saying that Folger is divorced, remarried, something like that. Perhaps you've covered this, and if so, my apologies. Anyway, I was reading something Janet wrote on the WND site and her name was listed as Janet Porter. Which got me to wondering if maybe Shirley here is on to something about Janet. You got any info?


Posted by: Jonathan | Oct 17, 2008 4:46:27 PM

Never mind Jeremy -

Apparently Janet Folger just become Janet Porter as of September 1, 2008 when she was able to, legally, have her dream wedding. Interesting that she spent the past year planning her dream wedding while working like the dickens to make certain that gay people can't enjoy the same.


Posted by: Jonathan | Oct 17, 2008 5:11:15 PM

I think that this should be a really fun debate to watch, hopefully they will put up some video from it.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 17, 2008 6:07:29 PM

This is the great irony of the Phelps clan. I look forward to seeing how many people are driven away by Shirley the loon and her cronies.

Posted by: Rainbow Phoenix | Oct 17, 2008 9:14:38 PM

I'm loving it. The Phelps KLAN may actually help us win the battle to defeat Amendment 2 here in Florida. God must have a sense of humor. In a related story (FUNNY AS HELL):

Ex-Gay Ministry Decries Phelps Klan’s Amendment 2 Debate Participation

In a statement released exclusively to GaySoFla.com, Christian Activist Betty Bowers has voiced her support for Amendment 2, the so-called Florida gay marriage ban. In the statement Bowers, founder of the ex-gay ministry BASH (Baptist Are Saving Homosexuals), also expresses dismay at the decision of a FIU student group to invite the homophobic Phelps sisters to the campus for a debate on the proposed constitutional amendment. The complete story:


Posted by: David L. Wylie | Oct 18, 2008 1:58:22 PM

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