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They say we 'oppose'; sadly for them, their claim is 'a pose'

by Jeremy Hooper

This writer and his partner have already booked the venue, caterer, performers, florist, photographer, host hotel, and rehearsal dinner location for their spring '09 California wedding. Save the Date cards will be sent in a couple of weeks, and several excited family members have already booked their flights. Marriage talk is the order of the day in the Hooper-Shulman household, and it will most certainly be the prevailing conversation at our NYC engagement party (to be held in just ten days).

So why do I mention all this nuptial nuttiness? Well, because the folks at Focus on the Family still continue to run headlines like this one...

Picture 6-155

...and frankly, I'm f***ing sick of it! For on the landscape of America circa 2008, there is no community MORE behind the custom of marriage than the LGBT one! And not in that "Bridezillas" way, either. The gay community, due the heightened brain power that we've had to dedicate to the "issue" of our marriage equality, have had time to accurately assess what the concept truly means, and what state a couple should be in before taking this major step. We've been forced to look at the history, the facts, the stats, the civil vs. religious aspects, and EVERYTHING else involved in "I do"-swapping. And in not having the luxury of taking marriage for granted, an even greater luxury has organically grown within us. That luxury? A complete and total understanding of what marriage means, and why it deeply matters to us as equal citizens of this nation, world, and planet.

Groups like Focus on the Family have branded gays as "marriage opponents" because they need an enemy. They need us to look like combatants so that they can mask their own combative nature. But with every passing day, Americans are getting real life examples of just how much we gays DO value marriage. They see Ellen and Portia and they don't think "marriage opponent" -- they think marriage friend. And this growing consciousness is putting groups like Focus on the Family into an ever-deeper hole, as more and more people start to realize that their entire movement is built on falsely compassionate quicksand.

Marriage Opponents Expand Efforts [FOF CitizenLink]

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Your thoughts

Yeah!...But just watched trailer for Noah's Arc movie...Jumping the Broom...out OCT 24...
Looks pretty funny, but won't do much for the 'seriousness' aspect of Gay Marriage, it doesn't look like!

Posted by: LOrion | Oct 1, 2008 10:32:28 AM

Sounds like "Fleecer Of the Foolish" needs to ramp up the money press to squeeze more donations out of the foolish! This next month is going to be expensive for hatemongery!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 1, 2008 3:21:49 PM

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