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Video: Seriously -- How do these people sleep at night?

by Jeremy Hooper

The anti-gay side's latest Prop 8 ad is out. And once again, pre-pubescent awareness of gay people's existences is the vein through which they are pumping the fear:

The bad news? The almost unbelievably cruel way in which gay lives and loves are being presented reminds us of how far we have to go before this fight is over. Because while merely suggesting such things about any other minority group would lead to a major public outcry, the unapologetic disdain for gay lives and loves is largely accepted as nothing more than rote "pro-family" rhetoric. Even gay people don't rage enough against it, or even fully realize how targeted and serious it is.

The good news?
We were totally frustrated with picking our Halloween costume. But as our opponents have reminded us, we gays already exist in the costume of "Society-threatening, kid-wrecking, God-deprived, moral-less, unequal wrecker of all that is pure and decent in the world." So instead of combing the aisles of our local Party City looking for the perfect get-up, we can now spend the next few days conjuring up the wickedness that already exists within our beings. Total time saver!



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Your thoughts

Even if children are required to be taught about marriage, they still still be taught about gay marriage, whether or not prop 8 passes. Why? Because gay marriage is legal in some areas, making it part of the world's reality.

Either way, this video is bull.

Posted by: | Oct 25, 2008 3:25:25 PM

To hear Robb and Robin Wirthlin recount the day their 7-year-old son Joey was subjected to a schoolroom reading of the colorful children’s book King and King, you’d imagine he’d been read a gay porn novel by his elementary school teacher.

Dan Aiello, writing in the Bay Area Reporter, has taken a closer look at the Wirthlins, who are currently being bussed from church to church across California by Protect Marriage to support Proposition 8, which would eliminate marriage equality in California. Aiello uncovers a number of details about the couple that the Yes on 8 folks would rather remain unmentioned.

While the Mormon couple maintain they were merely trying to protect their children, they have been associated with two organizations that are determined to to eliminate marriage equality in Massachusetts through a constitutional amendment: The Massachusetts Family Institute and MassResistance, an organization identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group.

Anti-gay hate groups, according to SPLC, “are organizations that go beyond mere disagreement with homosexuality by subjecting gays and lesbians to campaigns of personal vilification.” The designation places MassResistance squarely in the company of neo-nazi, white nationalist, racist skinhead and black separatist organizations.

MassResistance Watch has more information about the group.

A spokesperson for Yes on 8 denied the Wirthlin’s involvement with the groups — both of which publicized the Wirthlin’s cause, raised funds and organized vigils on their behalf.

According to Aiello, “The Wirthlins, it seems, were looking for a reason to sue in Massachusetts. Now they’re looking for a fight here in California.”


Posted by: SaveOurCalifornia | Oct 25, 2008 9:59:21 PM


Those are the links shown in the video regarding the California Department of Education. Both pages say that Comprehensive Sexual Health Education(CSHE) is not required to be taught. The FAQ page says that 96% of schools do offer CSHE but they must follow the laws regarding content and parental notification.

I used to respect the Knights of Columbus for all the good that they did, but I've been loosing respect for them. These ads and their support of them are the last straw. I don't care how much good they do, they are using their resources to spread lies and fear and that is just not ok.

Posted by: Miranda Ragland | Oct 27, 2008 3:42:52 PM

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