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Video: There's a reason showtunes are written by gays

by Jeremy Hooper

Anti-gays, it's bad enough that you try to deny LGBT people their rightful place within the spectrum of society. Do you really have to make our ears bleed as well?

We hate to criticize art, as such is subjective. But good mother of repetitive sappiness, this is one sh*tty ditty!

And the pictures? Gag me! Do we not have families? Do we not smile and laugh? Do we not help senior citizens cross the street? We know that to some of the "pro-family" types, the answer to all of those queries would be "No, you spend all your time in dark orgy dens thinking up new ways to destroy hetero happiness." But those of us who know that gays are a non-monolith with individual lives rather than easily-condemnable "lifestyles" also know that outside the frame of each of these "good and moral" pictures is a shunned LGBT son or daughter. An LGBT person who's forced to live in a state of fear and/or depression because of the myopic world views propagated by Team Morality Hijack!

Why don't the "pro-family" types start showing those people? We know it's far more productive for the anti-gay side to only show the types of families who are emboldened by their rhetoric. However, the truer tale lives within the portraits of the people and families they so deeply and unapologetically hurt!

Family Leader Network - Save the Family [YouTube]

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Your thoughts

It should be noted that there was only one token family of any color in this video. One black family. No Asians, No Latinos, No Indians No anything but white people except for one pic of a black family.


Posted by: Joe Brummer | Oct 2, 2008 3:53:18 PM

Ugh. That's horrible. It reminds me of the "worship songs" I was subjected to as a child in my parents' Southern Baptist church.

Posted by: Anthony | Oct 2, 2008 4:09:06 PM

Thought I would post my comment here as I know it won't make it to their site on you tube ..
yes Wake up America! Their is nothing wrong with my FAMILY. My son graduated highschool with a 5.1GPA and now proudly serving the country in the United States Airforce and is going to the Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs. Oh yeah and he has TWO mom's and TWO dads. there is nothing wrong with him and SHAME on you for implying that there is no other family other than what your conservative christian attitude would have you belive did I mention I am christian as are his moms.

Posted by: CJ | Oct 2, 2008 4:13:39 PM

Oh, my sweet lordy-gordy.
I actually listened to all 4 minutes of that thing. It's so much worse than I could have imagined. It sounds like one of those awful songs I was subjected to the last time my mom dragged me to church.*
The minister railed against gay marriage, something I don't think either of us was expecting (when we left, she whispered to me, "You don't have to shake his hand.")

*also the last time I will ever go to that one.

Posted by: Bill S | Oct 2, 2008 5:17:28 PM

Sorry, couldn't get past the first 30 seconds.

Posted by: Morry | Oct 2, 2008 7:18:26 PM

That song and the video. Made me laugh. So much. Thanks for that. Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head.

Kind of reminded me of something you'd see on Southpark... you know, over-the-top, extra satirical, to the extent that it can't be taken seriously.

Posted by: | Oct 3, 2008 12:28:34 PM

That's what I like to call Stamina Comedy. It's funny, then it's excruciating, then it's torture, then you kill somebody, then it's funny again.

The only thing I can figure is that every decent musician and recording engineer is gay and refused to do the song. It's just so bad.

Lyrics and Music (such as it is) by Joy Lundberg and Janice Kapp Perry. OMG!!! You can even download the sheet music at their website so you can sing along!!! (lundbergcompany dot com)

Posted by: Matt Algren | Oct 5, 2008 5:21:47 PM

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