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Personal bias? We've had our fill, Phil!

by Jeremy Hooper

This is "pro-family" personality Phil Magnan speaking about Prop 8:

Picture 4-185"Regardless how people package it, Christ hates the lawlessness of homosexuality. Homosexual marriage is a lawless relationship whether it's legal or not. And I have news for the homosexual community and those who have joined their unholy alliance; God owns the sacred institution of marriage, not the State, so they should stop tampering with what God has joined. Government and the people have a responsibility to uphold what God has instituted.
"Should I feel discriminated against because I cannot marry my brother or sister or a 12 year old girl? Should I feel discriminated against because society chooses to be godly or moral? Discrimination based on good moral judgment is a protection for the stability of society and upholds godly morals for future generations. A government that allows homosexuals to marry would be endorsing the unnatural. Equal protection under the law should never mean the protection and promotion of what is immoral or harmful. Keeping same sex couples from marrying restrains them from corrupting the wholesome sanctity of marriage"

This is the law-abiding, tax-paying, monogamously coupled, dedicated family man Jeremy Hooper refusing to be marginalized by idiocy:

Picture 3-164"I personally believe that the Bible is the word of man that had been very much informed by the biases of the day, and that there is not one strict interpretation that can or should be taken literally my modern people. I have deep faith that any higher power that gave me the ability for deep analysis would want me to question any and everything. I think "30 Rock" is one of the best shows on television, and am routinely impressed with Tina Fey's wit and abilities. I don't believe in eating animal flesh for food, and refuse to even kill a bug (including spiders, for which I have an irrational fear). I think that the Wii is a more enjoyable gaming experience than the PS3. I believe gay people are among the brightest, most loving, most in-touch humans I have ever met. I believe in the magic of Manhattan during the holidays. I think most people are essentially good, and that society is what corrupts us. I think that in his first paragraph, Phil should have used a semicolon rather than a colon after the words "their unholy alliance." I don't think that anyone should pray for others' rights to be taken away. I strongly feel that most intellectuals who are written off as "Godless liberals" have studied religion far more fully than most self-professed evangelicals. I believe I was born gay. I believe there is a strong link between Republican control and negative pop culture imagery. I think pumpkin-flavored products are a Godsend. I believe LGBT people are as moral and Godly as anyone else.

But you know what? None of my personal faith or feelings matter once teeny tiny but when comes to THE FREEDOM TO CIVILLY MARRY! Why? Because above all else, I believe, nay,
KNOW my personal faith is exactly that -- MY. PERSONAL. FAITH. And that personal faith is not a suitable reason for futzing with anyone's civil rights!

The system of marriage for which gay activists are fighting is 100% about CIVIL MARRIAGE. Even if well-utilized, religious ceremony is an ancillary component to state-recognized marriage. So when people like Mr. Magnan carve out an anti-Proposition 8 argument with religious, personal faith-based reasoning, they are not only offending LGBT people -- they are offending anyone who understands basic American government. Talking about civil marriage equality in terms of God is like talking about civil drivers' licensing in terms of the optional car!

Does Mr. Magnan really believe that my wedding (April 25, 2009) will chip away at the "sanctity of marriage"?
Maybe. Probably. And you know what? That's one reason why he is neither invited nor welcome to the soiree. But you know else? I deeply, religiously believe that his cruel, polarizing rhetoric chips away at the "sanctity of sanctity." The only difference? I could not give a flying frick less about how he conducts his life atop his seemingly unreachable moral pedestal. All I and millions upon millions of queer people are asking is for he and his ilk to butt out of our lives! You don't force me to answer to personal views with which I strongly disagree, and I won't force you to watch this:

Oh, and I CERTAINLY won't invite to you to watch my post-marriage celebration, when it comes time to play with my Wii!

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Your thoughts

love you and your fabulous retort.

I like pumpkin flavored things too :)

Posted by: Stef | Oct 29, 2008 1:18:03 PM

Will you invite us non-sanctimonious people to watch you play with your Wii? After all, I did watch the 30 Rock clip even though you didn't force me.

Also, "Keeping same sex couples from marrying restrains them from corrupting the wholesome sanctity of marriage" is an EXTREMELY dehumanizing way of making his argument. Which of course he knows, and so do you, but it just struck me as a particularly nasty bit of writing. Nasty.

Posted by: tjc | Oct 29, 2008 1:44:57 PM

I agree, especially with pumpkin flavored things being a godsend!!

Posted by: Kelly | Oct 30, 2008 6:26:15 PM

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