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When did inclusive kids books become synonymous with Satan?

by Jeremy Hooper

This from One News Now:

200810211240Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), charged liberal activists with "rank hypocrisy," according to a Christian Newswire report. Palin, when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, expressed concern about a pro-homosexual book called Daddy's Roommate appearing in her local public library. Daddy's Roommate tells a story about a young boy whose father divorces his mother to live with his homosexual partner. LaBarbera says Palin has been unfairly treated about the incident.
"And one of the ways they're doing it is [by saying] she's a book-banner because she objected, apparently, way back when she was a mayor in Wasilla to the book Daddy's Roommate, which is a homosexual picture-book which Willhoti-1purports to tell young children that being gay is just another kind of love," LaBarbera explains.

"Parents have a right and a responsibility to object to books like Daddy's Roommate because we don't want young children stumbling upon these nice picture-books and then...homosexuality [being promoted] to these poor kids who don't know what they're seeing," he contends.
FULL REPORT: Sarah Palin, the responsible parent [ONN]

No, no -- we're all totally fine with kids being confronted with a witch who wants to cook children, a wolf with a hunger for little girls in red hoods, an old lady who swallows everything from a fly to a horse, disgustingly discolored eggs and ham, and all kinds of creepily kooky works of fiction. But when it comes to the gay people who realistically exist in the world around them (likely even within their own families)? LINE = CROSSED! So yucky, this aggressively myopic mindset.

LaBarbera is making hay out of this matter as part of his attempt to get anti-gay and pro-"ex-gay" books into public libraries. Or as we call his endeavor: The first persuasive argument in favor of illiteracy.

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Your thoughts

It's crucial to narrow-minded parents that their kids grow up to be narrow-minded too; as a mom or dad, there's no faster way to lose relevance and authority than for your kids to figure out that the world is a lot bigger than you've let on. As soon as children figure out that gay people aren't scary, they're going to start wondering if Muslims might be okay too, and Jews, and feminists, and vegetarians---and THAT'S a slippery slope that their parents can't afford.

Posted by: FundamentallyFlawed | Oct 21, 2008 1:50:11 PM

Peter LeBarbera is the same individual that tried to put an anti-gay amendment on the ballot in Illinois, using a petition with forged, duplicate, and otherwise invalid signatures. Guess he's found a new direction to spread his venom.

Posted by: E | Oct 23, 2008 9:49:59 AM

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