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When life gives you Supreme Court lemons, make 'gays are demons'-ade

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images 200810091127When it comes to his war against gay-accepting children's books, Massachusetts martyr David Parker may have lost his bid to exalt "religious freedom" above every other sort of freedom. However, he's certainly putting a positive spin on the reasoned rejection of his lawsuit. This from WorldNetDaily:

"It is the end of the line in the federal system," Parker told WND in an interview. "But this case is now being used in Arizona, in Florida, in California [in support of traditional marriage.]"

Those are three of the states where voters will decide next month on proposals to define marriage as being between one man and one woman only. In 27 of 28 states where the issue has been on the ballot, voters have endorsed the one-man, one-woman definition.

"The objective of this lawsuit has been met. We asked for parental notification, and God has put us in a position to notify tens of millions of people," Parker told WND.

"If I had to do it all over again, I would, even knowing this would be the outcome," he said.

Well, David, if we had to teach young students that gays are part of the spectrum of normalcy, we would also do it "all over again." In fact, you know what? We ARE going to do it all over again, year after year, for all of perpetuity. And why? Because gays ARE part of this collective experiment that we call society, and LGBT acceptance is growing ever greater with every passing day. To not point out this simple fact would be living a lie. To not teach this simple fact would be failing anyone who wishes to learn about the real world rather than the myopic "pro-family" fairy tale.

Has this case made some on the anti-gay side foist up their fists even higher? Maybe. Probably. But is that a bad thing? We say no. Fairness and decency is on our side in this matter, and the courts have recognized that fact. And while the court of public opinion is not yet fully with us in a way that places gay-inclusive children's books on the non-controversial shelf, it is 100% certain that the world's gavel will ultimately bang in favor of fair-mindedness. We would argue that Parker v. Hurley will be a turning point for our side, not our opposition's.

'Millions' warned about 'gay' indoctrination [WND]

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Your thoughts

LOL @ "indoctrination" title at WND.

Yes - we're the ones walking around like flashers, stalking people in stores and handing them pamphlets.

We're the ones interrupting traffic with posterboard signs, and shoving fliers into people's vehicles without their permission.

We're the ones standing outside of hetero clubs, and handing out cassette tapes (as if anyone owns a tape player anymore).

We're the ones sending out those annoying mailers everyday and/or hanging them on your front door, which immediately gets thrown into the recyclables.

Posted by: Scott | Oct 13, 2008 1:29:40 PM

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