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Brush up on your Harvey: A prequel

by Jeremy Hooper

Milk-1On Monday, we gave you a sort of timeline spanning the period between Harvey Milk's successful 1977 election and the Milk movie that hits some theaters tonight (with a nationwide rollout Friday, 12/5). Well in the dual interests of giving you added historical insight into this important figure's life and hyping a really terrific feature film, we now want to give you a roundup of some of the news-making events that led up to Harvey's time in office. Whether you take it whole or just skim, please enjoy the Milky goodness:

(In all instances, click the thumbnail for full view)

9/26/75: Harvey is featured in a wire story about Oliver (Bill) Sipple, the gay man who foiled would-be assassin Sara Jane Moore's attempt on President Ford's life:


10/17/75: A Scripps-Howard wire story on Harvey's second, ultimately unsuccessful Supervisor bid. Of interest in this one: The Coors boycott and union support:


10/24/75: Another little blip about his second bid:


3/11/76: They were bound together in both work and in death. But in March of '76, Moscone and Milk were bound together by the latter's right to stay employed while seeking another office:


12/2/76: Criticizing The Advocate is not a new thing on the gay landscape. Harvey was doing it way back in '76:


6/08/77: Miami's infamous anti-gay vote leads Harvey to action:

Examiner Front Page 6 8 78

(Thanks to Jerry Pritkin for sending this in!)

6/23/77: In this Oakland Tribune snippet, Harvey accurately connects violent hate crimes with anti-gay political actions. Actions like those of his fierce rival, Anita Bryant, who was gaining considerable national ground at the time of this attack:


7/8/77: Following the news that people were getting away with murder because gay folks were scared to out of the closet and testify against the perps, Harvey gave the AP some quotes on the societal pressure that leads to the reluctance:


11/10/77: The day after his successful election to the Board of Supervisors came this celebratory AP story:


12/5/77: A post-election UPI wire story about Harvey's success, and the rise of gay political visibility in general:


**CONTINUE THE JOURNEY: The next 31 years of Milk [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

Thank you for "turning on" `your loyal visitors to my images and Uncle Don's great web-site. I enjoyed the "MILK" movie, even though there were a few timeline and locations changes... The movie will help introduce Harvey, and that era to the new generations of of gays and straights, not only here in America... but throughout the world. This month, "Wonderland" magazine of London, had a great article about Harvey,before the movie will be released next month overseas (They used a few of my images).
Next month, here in Chicago, I will have an Exhibition Opening on January 25, at the Gerber Hart Library that will feature a few never before published images of Harvey, as well as memorabilia, newspapers and buttons from the 1970's.

I also wanted to say, thanks to your web-site, I have heard from people that I had lost contact with. Thankfully, I did not owe them money and vice versa! Again... Cheers for your great site... for being there now, and the future... and remember to make "EVERYDAY, GAY FREEDOM DAY!"

Posted by: Jerry Pritikin | Dec 18, 2008 7:53:11 PM

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