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Video: B.O. shuns initiative that smells like same

by Jeremy Hooper

Are we happy that Barack is yet to be with us in terms of the word "marriage"? Of course not. In fact, we're not happy when anyone fails to see the big civil rights picture, especially when they marry those views on civil equality to the ancillary concept of religious observance. Because that "marriage is about churches" idea is not only offensive to deserving gay couples (many of whom are religious themselves), but it's also just a WRONG constitutional argument.

But that being said, we are delighted that the Democratic candidate has once again voiced his unequivocal opposition to Proposition 8:

Hey, totality of society: Our marriages are not ghosts or unicorns. "Belief" in them is really not a matter of debate. They verifiably exist, whether you choose to acknowledge them or not. So please, for the love of reality, stop talking about our commitments as if they are men who live in the sky. Juts like your faith in God does not (or at least should not) futz with our equality, your personal faith in our ability to obtain the same legal rights and benefits as our heterosexual peers without having to walk through an alternate line does nothing to negate the fact that WE TOTALLY CAN DO SO WITHOUT BLOWING UP SOCIETY!

But again, we do want to thank Barack for this. And we really mean that. Why? Because we simply don't "believe in" an educated, progressive, fair-minded, rights-loving person who (a) knows and interacts with gay people and (b) understands the law, but (c) still thinks marriage equality is outside the spectrum of acceptability. And we do believe in (or at least accept) pragmatic politics, and totally understand the sometimes strategic game that is "get me to the White House in '08."

Barack Obama Answers Your Questions About Gay Marriage, Paying For College, More [MTV]

**Let's not forget that the unscrupulous "yes on 8" side is literally running campaign literature wherein they try to make it seem like Obama supports the cruel measure. Liars.

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Your thoughts

Although I've had a total change of heart and decided I will vote for Obama (which is MUCH better than what Palin/McCain has in store for this country), I'd rather Barack address the most important issue: toning down the anti-gay rhetoric, even if he has to pass a bill to do so when he's president.

Gay marriage is worthless if your neighbor is still allowed to compare you to a pedophile, to a nazi (even though it was gays persecuted by the nazi's, along with the Jews, gypsies and other groups of people), and passing along hallucinations as "scientific fact" about gay people.

Your marriage licenses won't help you when, say, Matt Barber works enough unstable "christians" up into a frenzy with his fiction, and they come kicking in your front door with a pistol, baseball bat, machete or whatever.

Gay activists are pushing for ass-backwards rights. Marriage and adoption can be a priority AFTER you're being treated a little more equal, and not as somebody who's disposable.

Posted by: Scott | Nov 3, 2008 10:14:29 AM

To a degree, I agree with you, Scott in that there needs to be more of an effort to expose the lies of the religious right. I would like to see a national campaign devoted to things like showing how they rely on Paul Cameron and also how they distort legitimate scientific data.

Posted by: a. mcewen | Nov 3, 2008 12:07:15 PM

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