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'Change' Rick Warren can believe in

by Jeremy Hooper

It keeps getting worse:

"Most people probably don’t know this, but Warren’s Saddleback Church has a Friday night program called Celebrate Recovery. On the whole the program is modeled after the twelve steps, albeit with an evangelical supplement to it. There are subgroups in the program that cater to men with “addictions” to pornography, recovery alcoholics, and women with codependency issues. There is also a group for those who struggle with “same sex attraction”, the discourse of which is directly borrowed from the ex-gay movement. I know this, of course, because I was involved with the group in Spring of 2007."

Lovely. Maybe when he's done with the invocation, Rick will say a "loving" prayer to save Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin's sodomite souls. You know, all in the name of "reaching out," "bridge building," and "finding common ground."


Read the rest of the "ex-gay" nonsense over at Andrew Sullivan's pad: Rick Warren And The Ex-Gay Movement [Daily Dish]

**ALSO: Speaking of Barney Frank, the openly gay congressman has issued this statement in response to this unfortunate fiasco:


“I am very disappointed by President-elect Barack Obama’s decision to honor Reverend Rick Warren with a prominent role in his inauguration. Religious leaders obviously have every right to speak out in opposition to anti-discrimination measures, even in the degrading terms that Rev. Warren has used with regard to same-sex marriage. But that does not confer upon them the right to a place of honor in the inauguration ceremony of a president whose stated commitment to LGBT rights won him the strong support of the great majority of those who support that cause.

“It is irrelevant that Rev. Warren invited Senator Obama to address his congregation, since he extended an equal invitation to Senator McCain. Furthermore, the President-Elect has not simply invited Rev. Warren to give a speech as part of a series in which various views are presented. The selection of a member of the clergy to occupy this uniquely elevated position has always been considered a mark of respect and approval by those who are being inaugurated.”

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Your thoughts

We REALLY need to protest the living hell out of this inauguration!

Posted by: Steve | Dec 19, 2008 12:21:25 PM

Don't forget about new bod Jared Polis!

Although I think this incident could carry blessings with it, as LGBT rights are kept in the news, and the new administration is shown what is and isn't acceptable to voters. By protesting and carrying on, people make sure that the issue of LGBT visibility isn't left behind.

Posted by: Celia the lurker | Dec 19, 2008 12:49:22 PM

Forgive the plug, but I found the pamphlet for Celebrating Recovery's "Same Sex Attraction" group this morning. If there weren't so many victims of this kind of thing I'd find the content comical.

Posted by: Matt Algren | Dec 19, 2008 1:38:17 PM

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