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Difficult audio: Anti-gays dance on equality's grave

by Jeremy Hooper

On November 6, after Proposition 8's passage was confirmed, the "yes on 8" side held a webinar to discuss their unrighteous "victory." Today we heard the thing for the first time. [::writer pantomimes vomiting, then reels himself in before he literally gags up the leftover Chinese that he had for lunch::]

To say that listening to the following audio might open a wound would be like saying "Lipstick Jungle" is just a tad less successful than "Sex and the City." However, maybe that's not such a bad thing (for gays or Carrie Bradshaw). As 2008's eleventh month turns into the twelfth, we in the LGBT community are starting to scab over a little, losing a bit of the spark that has galvanized our community. So while the webinar is tough to get through, we think it's important for anyone who challenges the anti-gay side's cruel views to dive into, rather than walking away from, whatever the discriminatory team is putting forth.

First up, we will give you a little snippet, so as to ease you into the mire. This is Andrew Pugno (with Jim Garlow and Chris Clark interjecting) discussing the legal matters at hand:

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images 200811060919

(click to play)

Okay, uhm:

(a) Yes, we do come at it from a different mindset, Andy. We come at it from one that says majority tyranny does not get to rule the land in an unrestricted manner. We come at it form a place that says reasoned constitutional authorities have a right to keep rights in check and especially to protect a minority!

(b) Stop with the utter lie that the court ruled against the pro-gay side before the election. You know, and even admit in your followup, that the Supreme Court did not rule on the merits of the lawsuit that was filed pre-election. They chose not to hear the challenge in the case that Prop 8 failed. Again, you admit this around the 3:45 mark -- so why did you flat-out lie around the 2:15 mark and say that "the Supreme Court thought so little of [the pro-gay side's] petition that they didn't even schedule a hearing for it"?

(c) It is absurd to suggest that "the people's" rejection of the court decision should change the justices' legal reasoning. The merits of Prop 8 are what they are. Even if the vote has been 99% to 1%, that would not change the matter at hand. The matter is whether or not Prop 8 is kosher on technical and constitutional grounds. This is the judiciary's role.

(d) Not so fast with writing off the revision argument, Andy. Prop 8, by the vote of a bare majority, stripped a fundamental right from a suspect class. This is a bit of uncharted territory.

(e) Our claims are unbelievable, Andy? Because it's all we have left? No, dear. Your unprovoked choice to strip us of our rights is unbelievable. And what we have left is our dignity and worth as a full and equal human being, the likes of which you will never successfully strip away from us (no matter how hard you try)!

(f) -U for using your personal faith beliefs to thwart our civil -- civil, civil, did we mention CIVIL? -- rights!

So frickin' gross!

Now that you've been eased in (and hopefully fired up), you can go listen to the full hour of exalting so-called "religious freedom" above a minority's rights. Be sure to listen especially closely to the talk about how "evil" we pro-equality proponents are, how Prop 8 is "chemo but not a cure" for sick California, and to yet another linking of the gay rights movement to Hitler:

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Your thoughts

They're just dancing on our hospital steps. We'll be dancing on their literal graves.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Dec 2, 2008 5:05:11 PM

it worked! i'm really freaking angry again.

i also like (in the sense of despise) the way 158 years=forever. did you notice that? we should return marriage to the way it's been for 158 years....because that's the way it's been forever. uh-huh. i forgot that God created adam and eve less than two centuries ago. although the subsequent necessary inbreeding explains a bit better what the F just happened in CA.

you're so right! i'm so ANGRY again!!

(i'm living outside the country because my lesbian wife is from paraguay, and can't get a residence visa for the states. believe me that i LIVE angry. what can i do from here to help???)

Posted by: kati | Dec 2, 2008 5:50:01 PM

Keep these handy, so that we can replay the 'good spots' over and over, the way they did Mayor Newsom!

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 2, 2008 6:17:51 PM

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