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Regina's continued obsession with Freddie and his fannie

by Jeremy Hooper

The fringe-iest of fringe activists, Regina Griggs, is current roasting her pro-"ex-gay" chestnuts over an open fire of rage. Why, my little elves? Well, because it's come to Regina's attention that Fannie and Freddie have been playing reindeer games (like encouraging gay acceptance), which doesn't jibe with her career of ensuring that it's mommy and not daddy who's kissing Santa Claus.

This from the grinches at One News Now:

EXCERPT: PFOX executive director Regina Griggs says Freddie Mac shelled out $65,000 over the past two years to the Human Rights Campaign to help homosexual couples adopt children. The Freddie Mac Foundation has given more than $125,000 to homosexual activist groups over the last three years, and the Fannie Mae Foundation has given $80,000 to such groups in the past decade.

Shawn Flaherty, a spokeswoman for Freddie Mac, told PFOX that she was not sure whether the ex-"gay" group would meet grant guidelines. However, Griggs says Flaherty noted the Foundation focuses on three priorities -- stable homes, foster care and adoption, and youth development.

"What could be more important than supporting marriage as a man and one woman, adoption by heterosexual couples, and how about telling youth the truth -- you're not born that way [homosexual], that change is possible?" she wonders. "It was interesting because her other comment was that 'the grants have not focused on the gay community. It's a piece of it.' That's my tax dollars silencing me, silencing our organizations, coming after [Christian non-profits]. This is unbelievable."

FOOLHARDY FULL STORY: Bailout recipients Fannie, Freddie gave $ to 'gay' groups [ONN]


Ugh, someone in Regina's family please gift her with a dictionary that has an accurate definition of "truth." Because seriously, the non-ironic way her side keeps using the term to describe their non-scientific, ridiculous faith-based opinions is offensive to gays, lesbians, and English teachers!! Not to mention the word "fallacy," who is sick and tired of being discriminated against in terms of employment with "pro-family" organizations.

But back to Only-Penis-And-Vagina-Regina's Fannie & Freddie goals: It's unclear if she'll get the go-ahead to to seek a grant for her version of the "truth." But if not, we hear she has a back up plan in which she'll push the equally verified "realities" that old silk hats contain snowman-personifying magic, twelve lords a'leaping are items that people actually want to receive, and chimneys are better than UPS in terms of gift delivery.

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Your thoughts

Boo Hooo Hoo for you PFOX! You would rather see the vast number of children in the government foster care children stay where they are (without stable home with loving parents to see they grow and develop in a nurturing and enriching environment)unadapted as long as same sex couple or families have the right to adopt and have families and provide homes as well. How incredible selfish and self serving.

Posted by: Patrick B | Dec 24, 2008 2:58:52 PM

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