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We like that he's protected on basis of (chosen) religion. Why does Mike care so little about us?

by Jeremy Hooper

Want insight into the kind of bullet we dodged by not electing a President Mike Huckabee? Well...

The kind of bullet that uses far-right talking points about post-Prop 8 "attacks," as if these isolated incidents are in any way comparable to the real, demonstrable, documented violence that LGBT people experience with alarming frequency. The kind of bullet that lumps anti-gay crimes in with crimes that target other sorts of groups, overlooking that most if not all of those other groups are already protected. The kind of bullet that continues the wholly anti-intelectual "thought crimes" line of logic. The kind of bullet that couches all of this dangerous talk behind a good ol' boy, aw shucks, falsely compassionate tone.

Huckabee may full well know that he's being disingenuous, or it could be that he's listened to the conservative spin so long that he actually believes it. Either way, his words are not going to help us prevent another Lawrence King or Gwen Araujo tragedy. Either way, his words are going to embolden scores of potential bullies who will continue to despise gays for their "lifestyle choice."

But then again, why should he focus on ACTUAL child protection when the false "pro-famiy" version of it is far more likely to fire up his base for a 2012 "moral values" run?

Huckabee Downplays Violence Against Gays: Christians Are Having Their Crosses Taken From Them Too» [Think Progress]

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Your thoughts

Did I miss it, or did the reporter fail to ask him if he supported the elimination of all hate crimes? Since Huckabee doesn't believe that thought should be regulated, then hate crimes protection for the religious should be eliminated as well. As you have said, religion is not inherent, it is behavior, it is 100% by choice, and yet hate crimes legislation protects the religious. I would like to know if Mike wants to eliminate all thought policing, including that which benefits the religious!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Dec 5, 2008 11:34:55 AM

Does he not realize that there are already laws that deal with thoughts, and that we DO, already, severely punish people for certain thoughts when combined with actions?

If he's opposed to such laws, has he championed the removal of any law that includes "INTENT" in it? Assault with intent to murder. Assault with intent to commit rape.

Hell, "breaking and entering" alone is probably trespass, but "breaking and entering" with the intent to commit a crime is burglary.

Hate crimes laws need a good PR campaign. We need to explain that these laws exist (or should exist) because the perpetrators INTENT to strike at someone because of certain identifiable characteristics has the effect of instilling fear (yes, terrorizing) a portion of the public (other members of that group), thus causing GREATER HARM than just that suffered by the victim alone.

And probably more reasons that I don't know off the top of my head.

Posted by: tjc | Dec 5, 2008 3:29:35 PM

I like how he talks about the anti-religious violence but seems to forget this is something that happens to us everday.

He must not read the Dallas Voice or he would see how an actual dangerous "white powder" was just spread around a Dallas gay bar.

No need to call for an end to violence against gays though right Mike?

Posted by: Ed | Dec 5, 2008 5:08:16 PM

Your words are not going to help us prevent another Jason Shepard or Jesse Dirkhising or Mary Stachowicz tragedy.

So before you keep complaining take a look at what these innocents victims had to endure.

Crime is crime. If you want to add extra penalty then make it both ways and every time someone is murdered by an homosexual predator, it should be called an hate crime too.

You cant have it one way.

Also all religious people who are victim of gay crimes should also be added.

Posted by: soleil10 | Dec 5, 2008 9:40:52 PM

I live in SW Virginia this tool was at a local books-a-million today wall to wall wingers. Good part is I had to ask his security to move so i could pick up the advocate and out off the magazine rack. Walked out holding both mags high and proud. Not exactly huge but hey it felt good

Posted by: Greg | Dec 6, 2008 1:51:24 AM

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