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We tried negotiation, Caleb -- your crew still dislikes us!!

by Jeremy Hooper

***THE ANTI-GAY SIDE: Gays are immoral/ Gays are going to hell/ Gays are a threat to the family/ Gays are not fit to raise children/ Gays are not fit to have their unions recognized in civil law/ Gays can and should be "changed"

***THE PRO-GAY SIDE: Gays are just as capable of morality as anyone else, and their ethical compasses do not hinge on their sexual orientations/ Gays are not on the express elevator to Hades, and it's disturbing that anyone would be so quick to condemn their fellow human/ Gays are a PART of the family structure/ Gays have demonstrated an ability to quite ably rear little ones/ Gays have more than met the requirements for civil marriage equality, and it's enraging that anyone's religion is being used to deny this to them/ Gays are not like motor oil in need of a Jesus-y "change"!

So why did we just lay out some of the key disagreements that exist between these two groups? Well, because we just read some quips from Focus on the Family's Caleb Price that (a) totally rubbed us the wrong way, and (b) made us realize that we need to be a little more forthright about the clear differences that exist between our two sides. Here, read Caleb's thoughts for yourself and then we'll get back to you:

So what’s going on here? Since when does constitutionally exercising one’s religious views at the ballot box on an important issue like marriage call for the vicious reaction we’re seeing? What ever happened to the marketplace of ideas, tolerance of differing viewpoints and basic American decency?

[anti-Prop 8] protests are the ugly face of a pansexual ideology that will not allow for honest disagreement or dissenting viewpoints.

Annoying, right? Because ya see, what Caleb doesn't understand (or at least admit) is that this so-called "culture war" is not a mere marketplace of ideas. For their side it might be. But for LGBT people, the ones truly affected by this gay rights battle, the matter of our basic fairness is not something towards which we can simply agree to disagree. It's not a political situation about which we can jovially spar while knocking back a a couple of brewskies. What we are talking about here are our lives, or even our AFTERlives! What we are fighting for are our families and the rights and protections thereof. What we are seeking is an end to bigotry. An end to THEIR bigotry.

It's understandable why people like Caleb try to create the impression that this modern-day civil rights fight is a two-sided debate in which both sides deserve equal credence. After all, those on the wrong side of history never want to admit as much about themselves. But as this post-Prop 8 scenario plays out and the anti-gay side ever-more loudly accuse gays folks of "intolerance" for simply standing up for their lives and loves, we have seen an ever-greater need for folks from all walks of life to stand up and call their movement out for what it is.

Their fight? It's an unrighteous one. Their arguments? Flawed. Their movement? Innately intolerant.

Our fight? A righteous push for basic human decency. Our arguments? Intellectual. Our movement? One that, as its endgame, envisions a world where all are free to live (AND WORSHIP!!) in peace.

If we are to move past this divisive "culture war," we have got to stop allowing the "pro-family" ANTI-GAY movement to present themselves as our equal counterpart in a real-life chess match. Their individual players may be as sweet as pie -- but the cold, hard truth is that their game is cruel and dirty.

Whatever Happened to the Marketplace of Ideas? [CitizenLink]

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Your thoughts

Anti-Gays: openly out gays will weaken our country's military forces.

Pro-Gay: Discharging qualified people because of there sexual orientation IS weakening our military forces

Posted by: Alonzo | Dec 16, 2008 8:28:09 PM

...and that just leaves Corvino and his 'pal' in the yesteryear dust of platitudes.

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 16, 2008 11:12:24 PM

There is also the fact that Price is suggesting that the protests are aimed at persons because of what they voted for.

The protests and boycotts are aimed at the RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS and WEALTHY BUSINESSPERSONS that funded or compelled others to fund the deceptive Prop 8 campaign. And, they're fair game!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Dec 17, 2008 2:54:21 AM

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