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Audio: Sorry Phil, but all positions are not created equally. Oh, and some are anti-equality!

by Jeremy Hooper

This, the audio from a post-show video that Dr. Phil recorded following today's show on transgender children, ably highlights the problem of his booking two anti-LGBT personalities to speak to this matter. Listen in:

(Video Source)

The primary problem? That shows like "Dr Phil," with their "neutral ground," facilitate the idea that both sides hold equal merit. While we get and even respect the suggestion to delve into the teachings of the side with which you don't agree, the simple fact is that when talking about LGBT matters, those involved in the professional anti-LGBT industry (as both Glenn Stanton and Joseph Nicolosi are) are simply not objective counterpoints. And it's not us being closed-off or intolerant to say that. It's us, as ones who spend every single day analyzing the anti-LGBT movement, presenting our educated findings.

Now, it's of course easy for others to say that this is our own pro-gay objective getting in the way. We get that. However, we did not come into the gay world wanting to "prove" anything. We set out as a blank slate, consuming information from all sides. The fact, plain and simple, is that the far-right's teachings are simply not based in credible science. And through our self-appointed roles as ones who run a fine toothed comb through the "culture war" hairs, we now know how egregious it is to position a pair of "ex-gay"-backing, "pro-family" researchers as the yang to organized medical science's yin.

The danger is that most of Phil's viewing audience know nothing about organizations like NARTH (Nicolosi's affiliation), or even Focus on the Family (Glenn Stanton's organization) for that matter. So all they hear is the word "expert," and they accept what their TV host is telling them: That this is a balanced discussion in which both sides are coming from places of competing scientific opinion. For their sake, the ones who do not have the time or desire to learn the nuances of this so-called culture war, we who do dedicate the time must challenge this unfairly equal-handed presentation with a fiery passion, without fear that such makes us seem interested in only our own choir. Why? Well, because their choir has hit far too many discordant notes to deserve a fair and equal ear on this matter!!

**Read all about (and watch clips from) this "Dr. Phil" episode: Little Boy Lost []

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Your thoughts

I suspect that most of Phil's admonition to be open to other points of view was not aimed at us. I would find it difficult for someone who is a self-avowed neutral in these discussions, not to have developed a strong suspicion that those who listen to the lying liars aren't getting any of their information from any other sources. And, that he prefaced his comment by saying that the current understanding of the subject matter has changed, is somewhat of an affront to the intolerance of change espoused by the lying liars.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 13, 2009 2:32:09 PM

That is a good point, Dick. But still, I might see that point and you might see that point -- but who else will see it that way? To me there is just such a danger in this sort of show.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 13, 2009 2:40:02 PM

I fully agree with you, and unfortunately the reasoned and rational side (in the Phil arena) isn't always championed by the most articulate of spokespersons. The mother who challenged the liars with the question, "Do you have a transgendered child?" would have done more to support her cause if she had asked, "Where is the mother of a transgendered child that you counseled, and how successful was that effort?" The mere fact that the liars aren't parading around any success stories speaks volumes for the validity of their arguments.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 13, 2009 2:51:05 PM

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