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Don't ask or tell -- but apparently deadly gunfire is moral

by Jeremy Hooper

They may sound like fun romps in the sack; but this is how Wikipedia describes the phrase "blanket parties":

Blanket parties are most frequently conducted by groups within the military or military academies. In a blanket party, the victim is restrained by having a blanket flung over him and held down at the corners while he sleeps, then the remaining members of the group strike him repeatedly with improvised "flails" (a sock or bath towel containing something solid, most commonly a bar of soap). The act of the blanket party became widely known within pop culture by its portrayal in the Stanley Kubrick movie Full Metal Jacket. The use of blanket parties and other forms of corporal punishment are now illegal within America's military

As for "friendly fire," we would imagine that most of you know that that term refers to gunfire coming from within one's own side, right? Okay, well now look at this. This is the biography for Digg user 11H1P:

Picture 25-24

A self-professed man of God, Regan [sic], and the military. So what does this good conservative Christian have to say about the possibility that Obama will lift the ban on openly gay soldiers? Well, see for yourself. This is a comment he's left on a Digg page about Don't Ask, Don't Tell's potential repeal:

Picture 24-16

Yes, that's right -- he is encouraging brutal harassment and even death towards those potential gay service members, adding to a violent trend that we've found to be growing among conservative web forums. This despite our opposition's constant claims that we are the angry, militant ones. Oh, and also despite their constant attempts to deny us of moral high ground. Apparently casual disregard for our mortality is quite Jesus-y.

America, please de-slumber. We gays are not the negative force. Our equality is not the threat!!

11H1P's comment [Digg]

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Your thoughts

Similar to all the locker room talk in police stations, and in fire houses for years. If repeal of DADT comes, I am sure knowledgeable brass will understand that a goodly amount of 'sensitivity retraining' will be necessary.

Posted by: LOrion | Jan 16, 2009 1:43:02 PM

Reminds me of a Digg debate about a week or two ago. It was over DADT or Prop 8, I think. I forget which. One of the anti-gay-rights faction said it was lie that Christians threatened violence against gay people, and challenged me to find even one example of that happening.

I copy-pasted quotes from other comments on that article until I got bored - quote after quote of people who were either confirmed or probable Christians making threats against gays, or expressing their desire for gay people to be hurt or killed.

The origional commenter responded exactly as I predicted - he just said that none of those people were really Christians, because no *true* christian would say things like that.

Posted by: Suricou Raven | Jan 18, 2009 9:08:27 AM

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