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Cabin made of Log criticizes Chairman made of Steele

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 1-240Yesterday, in light of Michael Steele's "crazy" talk about civil unions, we criticized Log Cabin Republicans for their prior statements in support of the "inclusive" RNC Chair. But now we must throw a few peanuts to the gay elephants, applauding the queer GOPers for putting out this response:

Today, Terry Hamilton, National Chairman of The Log Cabin Republicans responded to RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s recent comments regarding civil unions. “The politics of the past were clearly rejected in the November election. We hope Chairman Steele will work to build a more inclusive Republican Party that can win elections,” said Log Cabin Republicans National Chairman Terry Hamilton. Hamilton continued, “Such comments marginalize gay and lesbian Americans, and further alienate the mainstream, moderate, and independent-minded voters that left the Republican Party in the November election.”

We need an inclusive GOP to reach out to new constituencies and to attract younger voters, women, Latinos, African Americans, and others who share our view of limited government and low taxes. The Log Cabin Republicans remain committed to working with other mainstream GOP groups and fair-minded Republicans to rebuild the Party.

Log Cabin Responds to Chairman Steele [LCR]

We have nothing to add really. We think they should have been more cautious about ever congratulating Chairman Steele, the same way we think they should have been more careful with their immediate glowing praise of Sarah Palin. They surely think we should stop our obvious leftward lean. We will never come to terms.

However, despite our obvious troubles with LCR, we do sincerely appreciate and applaud their choice to speak out rather than overlook this latest misstep. This is what we think they should absolutely be doing: Standing up to everyone within their party, big or small, and telling them why their unsupportive stances are misguided. Their messaging must unabashedly bash bias, not make apologies for the same.

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Your thoughts

Looks like they learned something from the debacle with McCain/Palin. Of course, if they could just learn not to jump the gun.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Feb 25, 2009 9:58:10 AM


I wouldn't be surprised to see a change in language.

In recent years, much of the voice of LCR has been beltway. But if Terry (an LA area resident) is to be the new voice, then you will see a more nuanced and careful response.

I've known Terry for nearly 20 years and he's neither a shill nor a sell-out.

Posted by: Timothy | Feb 25, 2009 12:32:51 PM

That's nice to hear, Timothy.

I hope from our conversation yesterday that you realize I don't at all criticize LCR for criticism's sake. And I truly get what they are trying to do. For me, it's all about the apologies and unfair messaging that I've seen over the past few years (especially highlighted during the campaign), as well as what I've seen as a decision to trade off being REAL in favor of political strategy. That's the type of thing that defies party for me.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Feb 25, 2009 12:49:22 PM

I just had to slide from Twitter to say your Headline grabs the issue like no other. Kudos Jeremy! Love it! Love it!

As for Steele: All the reasons he makes we wanna spit are too numerous and soul-sucking to go into -- so I won't.

Posted by: Taylor Siluwé | Feb 25, 2009 1:45:11 PM

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