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Audio: 'No relationship to the child, except through this adoption'

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday we briefly showed you how social conservatives are unfairly overlooking an adoptive mother's bond with her daughter from a past same-sex relationship for the sole reason that the adoptive mother is a lesbian while the bio mom Mat-Staver-Liberty-Counselhas now "become a Christian" (i.e. renounced her past gay ways and become an anti-gay evangelical). Now we're gonna ask you to listen to this new Concerned Women For America audio piece, wherein the bio mom's attorney, Mat "lesbian parents will raise violent kids" Staver, continues to act as if the lesbian adoptive mother, despite her years of LEGAL attachment to the child, is a mere stranger who should be freely excised from the now-nine-year-old's life. The callousness of the supposedly "pro-family," "child protection" leader is simply astounding:

*Audio source: Another Former Lesbian Partner Petitions Court for Parental Rights Over Unrelated Child [CWA]

Trying to "enforce visitation just like she's a a parent"? Seriously, do you all hear what he's saying? Even if you take sexuality out of the picture, Mat is essentially saying that adoption does not make one a parent. Even though the adoption was perfectly legal and binding, Mat's using the word "lesbian" as shorthand to mean, "sinning legal stranger."

Look, we know that these social conservs don't want same-sex adoption to spread, and therefore wish to uphold Florida's harmful law. But for holy f**k's sake: How sick is this pretend game of turning another state's legal adoption papers into mere pieces of scrap that hold no more legal or emotional power than a bubblegum wrapper?! To answer our own question: IT'S NAUSEA-INDUCING! And it should not only turn the stomachs of LGBT people, but also anyone parent or child whose familial bond is no-less-real because it was born out of adoptive love rather than biological procreation!


*Footnote: Interesting how Mat conveniently overlooks the recent Florida court rulings that have found the adoption (f)law to be unconstitutional. He may wish past precedent to have ended this legal battle. The truth, however, is that the fight is ongoing -- and the courts seem increasingly on our side!

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Your thoughts

Un-fucking-believable. My own family has a perfect example of the bonds between adopter and adoptee. My favorite great-aunt had to divorce her first husband because he was a drunk. Her second husband immediately played the role of father to her older three kids. Even after his own were born. It was his death where they felt like they lost their father, not when their biological father died.

That they can brush off this woman's relationship with her daughter is beyond the pale. This is horrible even compared to the other crap we've been hearing from them the last few decades.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Mar 20, 2009 11:44:31 AM

You would think that Mat (my mother divorced my abusive dad) Staver would be happy that ANY loving parents would fight for the right to parent their children, adoptive parents or otherwise.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Mar 20, 2009 3:43:10 PM

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