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Do onto others -- do undo same ol' anti-gay protest

by Jeremy Hooper

Seeing the obvious flaw in aligning with three SPLC-certified hate groups and assorted friends for a Warren-Throckmortonprotest of the pro-acceptance Day of Silence, more moderate-leaning "ex-gay" researcher Warren Throckmorton (pic.) is proposing something called the "Golden Rule Pledge." Rather than protest DOS, Wa-Throck is suggesting that Christians instead vow to -- hold you hats for this one -- end harassment for everyone, LGBT people included:

Many straight Christian and conservative students are conflicted about this day. They do not affirm homosexual behavior but they also loathe disrespect, harrassment (sic) or violence toward any one, including their GLBT peers. Some conservative Christian groups call for parents to keep their kids home on the Day of Silence.

This group supports a different option. We believe the teaching of Christ in the Golden Rule should guide our actions and attitudes regarding all. We also believe that we should work to make school a safe place for all students.

Thus, we advocate students spread a message like this on the Day of Silence:

This is what I’m doing:

I pledge to treat others the way I want to be treated.

Will you join me in this pledge?

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31).

Golden Rule Pledge

Okay, so this is still coming from a place that largely views us with a "love the sinner, hate the sin" morality judgement. But it's also coming from a place that fully recognizes the real and demonstrable harms that the "pro-family" movement's fringe element can bring to schools and society in general, seeking to reduce the same. And even though it's that other, more miltant element that more typically captures the headlines (even here at G-A-Y), we would argue that it's this more compassionate mindset that more fully defines the gay community's Christian opposition.

Though not a full leap aboard our peaceful boat, on this, the issue of school bullying and harassment, it's at least a step in the right direction. So we are actually going to applaud Warren for this effort, even if at the same time asking him to expand his Golden Rule to the issue of how he and his pals view our sexual orientations in general.

**Note: We have it on good word that Peter LaBarbera is planning to go after Warren for this. We'll let you know when Pete's post is up.

**UPDATE: Just as predicted and promised, Pete and his increasingly extreme pal Laurie Higgins are now gunnin' for Warren: Higgins Responds to Throckmorton’s Criticism of Day of Silence Boycott [AFT]

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Your thoughts

This looks good on paper, but keep in mind that their whole idea is that we're throwing ourselves into the faces of "good christians" like them. From what I can see this is just a more covert way of forcing us back in the closet.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Mar 10, 2009 6:10:02 PM

RP: Well let me be clear that I am only cautiously supportive of this, only as it applies to this issue of school harassment. Warren has come up with this idea directly to counter the truly militant anti-gay DOS protests that he sees as extreme, counterproductive, and, I'm guessing, dangerous. So if he manages to stir up the conversation a bit among Christian circles, reminding them that we all deserve decent treatment, I would def. view that as a step forward.

I'm trying not to be cynical :-)

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 10, 2009 6:43:34 PM

I'm just a bit more cynical on the school issue because I only graduated three years ago, and I saw first hand what's going on.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Mar 10, 2009 6:50:47 PM

Well, you've earned your right to be cynical. We all have. Especially when it comes to school bullying.

I will say -- and I don't think he would mind me telling you this -- that I've had the opp. to chat with Warren about this a little bit. I do think that while he's sincere in his beliefs about homosexuality, but I also believe he sees a real need and interest to disconnect that from actual harassment. And since it is usually that lack of care and concern that's so startling about the anti-gay side's protests of this day/ school bullying in general (see Pete LaBarbera/LauriHiggins' post on this subject), I'm trying to be open to his ideas.

But at the same time, of course, I say this as one who would still look the "love the sinner, hate the sin" set in the eyes and tell them how much damage can be (and is) wrought by their refusal to reconsider their long-held notions regarding homosexuality.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 10, 2009 7:01:09 PM

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