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Hey NOM: You're embarrassing yourselves!

by Jeremy Hooper

Attempting to save a little face in the wake of their EPIC FAIL of an ad, the comment-rejecting, M4M-loving National Organization For Marriage has send out a "fact" sheet that pretends to add validity to their commercial's claims. Only problem for them? The supposed clarifications are just as deceptive/half-truthy as the ad itself!

Here, check out this one potion, pertaining to the New Jersey church group:

Picture 3-202

Okay, so let's look at this. NOM links to a very good NY Times story that fleshes out the major points of this case. Which is actually counterproductive, as the Times story completely belies their claims! The bottom line, essentially, is that a church can ABSOLUTELY keep gay couples from marrying in their pavilion. However, they cannot receive state, federal, and local breaks if they are going to pick and choose which kinds of couples are allowed to use the pavilion! They still received the tax-exemption for the rest of their properties, which weren't found to be in violation. But the pavilion in question was acting outside the rules for this particular state program.

And as for the discrimination complaints? The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights has already sided with the spurned gay couple. It is obvious to everyone who looks at the matter with an agenda of fairness rather than one of anti-gay hostility that this matter is a no-brainer. LGBT people are part of New Jersey's public -- A PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION MUST REALIZE THIS OR STOP RECEIVING THESE KINDS OF PUBLIC HANDOUTS!

So let's look again at the ad's claim: “I’m part of a New Jersey church group punished by the government because we can’t support same-sex marriage.” The primary flaw? That they position the state's actions as a punishment! The reality is that this Green Acres tax-exemption was always a bonus -- a privilege bestowed upon eligible non-profits that open their private lands and/or accommodations up for public usage. The only idea being punished is the one that says anti-gay people of faith should be above the rules of civil law!

**Complete PDF:

Station Managers Letter [NOM

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Your thoughts

I'm pleased to see that this kind of reasoned fact-checking is taking hold in the digital age. Not that long ago, these kinds of ridiculous ads couldn't be questioned because there wasn't a platform for rapid, mass response.

Cheers to you!

- Dave McGinnis, in Iowa, building the tradition of marriage equality one state at a time!

Posted by: David McGinnis | Apr 10, 2009 4:38:53 PM

David: Absolutely. The Internet has made it so that every one of their press releases, newsletters, videos, etc., which were once confined to their circles, are laid bear for all to see. And with transparency, we win!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 10, 2009 5:01:26 PM

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