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Audio: Taking liberties. Live.

by Jeremy Hooper
  • Constant claims that pedophilia is one of "over 30 sexual orientations," which they repeatedly say will be protected by inclusive hate crimes legislation.
  • Conveyance of the idea that the Democrats rejected the offensive suggestion to include pedophilia in the bill's language because they didn't care about punishing pedophiles (and not because that concept could not be less apropos to the measure itself)
  • A claim than NAMBLA and the organized gay rights movement are one and the same.
  • Caller after caller spouting uncorrected untruths. One suggests that religion is not protected under current hate crimes laws, and nobody on the show sees a need to tell him otherwise. One caller asks if the hate crimes measure also applies to heterosexuality (which it does), only to have Mat Staver talk circles in order to "explain" why straights will be less protected than others. And then there's the final caller -- a must listen -- who leads the boys to list off every paraphilia and fetish under the sun, all of which they claim will be protected as "sexual orientations."
  • Every last argument is framed around hate speech laws, even though nobody -- NOBODY -- is suggesting the same for America.

Yesterday's "Liberty Live" episode was so rife with offense and inaccuracy, that we could not possibly pick a worst moment. So here, listen to as much or as little as you can stomach:

Audio source: Listen to/download your own copy [AFR]

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Your thoughts

Bless you Jeremy for listening through that and summing up the main points. I always have a hard time listening to much of these audio snippets you post, but this one was particularly bad and I couldn't stand more than a minute of it.

Posted by: dragon88 | May 5, 2009 3:19:09 PM


those are the sexual orientations. Pedophiles either like girls, boys or both. Zoophiles either like male or female animals. All of these fetishes and such involve either men, women or both. Until genetic engineering produces a third gender these people are LYING and proud of it. Now lets compare how many times the bible condemns lying VS its condemnations of homosexuals...

Posted by: Penguinsaur | May 5, 2009 3:19:36 PM

Spin in all of its glory. An amendment is rejected because it's not only completely unnecessary, but because ratifying it would dignify the very suggestion that pedophilia is at all similar to sexual orientation, and they say that said rejection is *proof* that they're the same thing.

Listen you obtuse bigots, when people refuse to give your stereotypes any time of day, it's not an affirmation of that stereotype.

Posted by: zortnac | May 5, 2009 5:27:49 PM

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