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Human Rights Campaign: Now 9% less humaned

by Jeremy Hooper

HRCSome bad news from the HRC camp, as the economic realities have forced the gay rights giant to pink slip a bakers' dozen:

"The Human Rights Campaign, like so many other non-profits in this economy, has had to adjust its budget to comport with economic conditions," [HR president Joe Solmonese] said in a statement to the Blade. "We have undertaken a number of steps to achieve savings in all areas of the organization, however we cannot avoid reducing personnel costs."
HRC lays off 13 staffers [Wash Blade]

Sad to hear about the cruel, money-obsessed ax's latest swing. Even sadder that we can totally imagine social conservatives soon spinning it as God's judgement against gay-nful employment.

But the show, as always, goes on. While we're sad to hear that G-A-Y friend and fellow blogger Chris Johnson fell victim to the ax-swing, we're personally glad to hear that senior communications dude Michael Cole is ready to advance the outfit's online outreach:

Dear HRC Back Story readers and fellow bloggers:

As you may know by now, the Human Rights Campaign has been forced to reduce our staffing levels in light of the current financial downturn. Unfortunately, our blogger Chris Johnson is among those affected. I know you all have enjoyed and respected the intelligence and wit he brought to and like me are sad to see him go. Chris shepherded this blog from its earliest stages and deserves an enormous amount of credit for molding it into the resource that it is today.

While I’m likely acquainted with some of you already, I look forward to introducing myself, getting to know you and working with you to continue improving HRC’s own blog and outreach to new media. I’m not new to the organization or the movement having worked in various capacities at HRC for the past seven years including my current responsibilities directing our multimedia communications. If you’ve listened to HRC’s XM Radio show “The Agenda,” watched our video looking for Sarah Palin’s gay friends in Alaska or been spurred to take action against hate crimes, then you’ve seen my work.

I will be taking over responsibility for immediately so please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or ideas. Not only are we committed to continuing our relationships with readers and other bloggers, we also want to build on them. As I get started in this new role, please send me your thoughts and advice so we can continue to be a partner to you and your work.

Michael Cole

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Your thoughts

Well if social conservatives want to spin it as "God"'s wrath, then they have to look at similar downsizing at Focus on the Family, et al. Just as the HRC situation shows up some LGBT folks who touted FOTF's situation as a death knell.

Posted by: Bruno | May 7, 2009 1:50:34 PM

Solmonese could probably shave a salary or two off of his compensation, and save a couple of those jobs.

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 7, 2009 3:50:23 PM

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