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What did NOM know when?

by Jeremy Hooper

On Friday of last week, we were confused when the National Organization For Marriage, after a week of courting Carrie Prejean with breakfast meetings, news conferences, "Today Show" appearances and glowing Tweets...

Picture 17-59

...the anti-gay organization abruptly released a statement clarifying that Carrie is not an official spokesman for their homo-hostile outfit. Then we also heard Maggie, on some of her weekend media appearances, make strides to disconnect Carrie from the organization. So because of this, we did suspect for a second that maybe there was other scandalous type stuff about to come out. However, that seemed too far-fetched to possibly be true.

But now that the topless photo revelations are coming out, we have to wonder: Did Carrie turn on the headlights and give NOM a, uhm, heads up? And we have to further wonder how NOM will proceed once the promised, more provocative pics are brought to light. Their ad is already boring, ineffective, and unwittingly asks even fence-sitters to look at the bias on display. If this photo thing has major legs -- and it looks like it's gonna -- will we see the ad yanked and the organization de-Prejeaned faster than you can say "opposite marriage"?

Stay tuned, kiddies. Even for an organization that can barely spit without FAILing, this one might just become the most epic!

*Just a few of NOM's recent failures:

-NOM's incredibly low-rated "Gathering Storm" ad, and our response to it
-NOM's embarassing casting tapes.
denies comments.
supports 2M4M.
-NOM is
despised by YouTube community, receiving parody after parody after parody.
-NOM is unpopular
even on their own Facebook page.
forfeits chance to defend their failure of an ad.
overextends their copyright.
-NOM's Brian Brown
forfeits chance to defend self.
-NOM issues a "fact sheet" that
only gets the "sheet" part right.
-NOM's Maggie Gallagher
compares self to Vaclav Havel.
-NOM is cited by Frank Rich as
a death knell for the anti-gay movement.
-Despite all this, NOM
claims that their ad is a "success."
-NOM has a board member who once suggested Americans should
"destroy" their gay-accepting government.
-Then they ratchet up the absurdity one more notch and actually
"thank" Stephen Colbert for viciously skewering them. Plus their PR person, Mary Beth Hutchins, tweets even more denial our way.
Facebook Organizing Fail
-New ad is total snoozefest with unwitting messaging
-NOM runs ads on our site. Ironically, they run these "gays silence opposition" ads
on a post where we highlight the way they -- wait for it, wait for it -- SILENCE OPPOSITION!
-NOM re-records old ad for the
sole purpose of making it more African-American

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Your thoughts

After listening to Maine House all AM...and thanks for that wonderful vote everyone.
This is nice light, and EXPECTED news. You knew this was coming... out....

Posted by: LOrion | May 5, 2009 1:57:42 PM

I suspect that they originally backed down a little because Miss CA cannot officially align herself with an organization with a political agenda, but is welcome to promote charities. I bet the topless photos are news to NOM too. I'm wondering if they'll pull the ad too. What a mess.

Posted by: remix | May 5, 2009 2:52:59 PM

It may be time for a parody of that NOM ad with the nearly naked boobie/butt-cheek pics of Prejean displayed while the entirety of her inarticulate "opposite sex" mantra plays in the background. And, then of course, there has to be lightning and exploding fake boobs.

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 5, 2009 3:17:04 PM

If they have to dump her, I hear Joe the Plumber is available.

Posted by: Bonnie_Half-Elven | May 5, 2009 4:16:39 PM

Oh dear. This sort of thing almost makes me feel sorry for NOM. Almost. But mostly, it makes me laugh at their expense.


Posted by: fakeplants | May 5, 2009 4:36:37 PM

It's getting to the point that NOBODY can point their finger and shout "sinner!!" without their own sordid history coming back to knock the accuser flat on their ass.


Posted by: Scott | May 5, 2009 6:24:29 PM

Have you seen the NOM ad over at BTB?


Brilliant stuff!


Posted by: Timothy (TRiG) | May 5, 2009 6:53:36 PM

I don't think NOM was ever trying to disown Prejean. Since her status derived from the fact that she supposedly 'stood up for what she believed in', NOM had to refute the idea that Prejean was now a paid mouthpiece of the organization. That's all.

Posted by: hazemyth | May 5, 2009 7:39:12 PM

TRiG, that ad is brilliant! Especially liked the boob-ification of the NOM Logo! Classic!

Posted by: Dick Mills | May 5, 2009 11:32:11 PM

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