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It'll be kinda like a wedding reception where the host doesn't (publicly) support guests' right to have own

by Jeremy Hooper

Due to both real and perceived rights slights, today's White House reception for LGBT Pride Month is intensely controversial. And at 4:25ET, you can come back here go to the White House site to watch it play out live:

President Obama and First Lady host Reception for LGBT Pride Month [White House Live]
*RELATED White House blog post: The Anniversary of Stonewall [WH]

Whether you hope someone will or hope someone won't throw a canapé, be sure to have a peep at the party to which you weren't invited.

**UPDATE, 5PM: Here's the audio, for those who missed it:

Picture 8-151

Picture 9-132

**SEE ALSO: Andy has the transcript and guest list.

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Your thoughts

And there is a live chat on Whitehouse facebook group...just starting up.

Posted by: LOrion | Jun 29, 2009 6:23:53 PM

He said nothing new, nothing real. Instead he repeated the same pledges he made on the campaign trail. And those fools in the audience applauded this. They embarrass us. Not one word about when, not one word about specifics. Obama has been saying the exact same thing for far too long. And he saw fit to do this at a private event, 5 months past the time when he pledged to immediately and forcefully do what is required. That he thinks a RECEPTION, 5 months into his administration, with a bland and general speech that reiterates his campaign rhetoric, is an appropriate response to a crying need for equal rights shows just how much he trivializes equal rights for gay Americans.

Posted by: Lynn | Jun 29, 2009 6:47:10 PM

To not meet with the leader of the free world and grab the chance to personally speak to LGBT issues would have been irresponsible. I personally would have liked to have heard a lot less cheering and a lot more skeptical silence from the attendees. As to the idea that Obama has trivialized LGBT issues, that's obviously not true.

Posted by: Patrick Yaeger | Jun 29, 2009 7:21:51 PM

I took away from the speech that he wants us to know that he's still pro-GLBT, but that we have to trust him as he worked through the political process.

The problem is that he hasn't earned our trust. He could make every appointee gay and that really wouldn't mean anything. He could grant every gay civilian employee of the federal government a pony and that wouldn't do a thing for the overwhelming majority of us.

Talking with us publicly and on the record is lovely, but that's been happening for years now and the bar has been raised.

If he wants our trust, he has to earn it, and so far, his administration has been silent on any of the issues the GLBT voting bloc actually seems to care about.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 29, 2009 8:33:18 PM

Dude- ENDA is in the house NOW(START CALLING), DADT is next then DOMA. Its all on the plate. The ball is rolling NOW.The impatience is getting overly ridiculous.Fine to be a bit skeptical, but this Negative Nancy needs to stop. You think with a McCain/Palin ANY of this would be getting done AT ALL? I think not. Chillax folks.

Posted by: May | Jun 30, 2009 2:15:47 AM

you can watch it here:

Posted by: Jon | Jun 30, 2009 10:52:56 AM

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