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We    NY -- Now let us    our partners!

by Jeremy Hooper

Q. What's the state of marriage equality in New York?

A. The clown car that we call a state legislature is too busy seeing whose is bigger to move forward on the matter:

It remains unknowable what will become of the bill, which passed the State Assembly in May by a margin of 89 to 52. After Mr. Paterson initially omitted the bill from the agenda of the first extraordinary session of the Senate that he convened last week, he drew a sharp outcry from advocates of gay rights. The governor then included it among the bills he asked the Senate to consider later in the week.

But the Senate has ignored Mr. Paterson’s calls to take up any legislation, and has done all that the State Constitution essentially compels senators to do when the governor convenes an extraordinary session: show up in the Senate chamber.

On Sunday, both sides of the divided Senate returned for brief sessions, one side after the other gaveling in and out without taking up any business.
Gay Marriage Lost in Shuffle of Divided Senate [NYT]

Some, like Sen. Tom Duane, are still optimistic. Others seem a little more concerned.

As for this writer? Well, I already married in Connecticut -- so f*** you, NY!

Just kidding, of course. But then again, come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't be kidding. Maybe I should give a big finger to the state that will recognize my marriage but failed to grant me my right to have a local one. Maybe I should send NY officials the receipts for the economy-stimulating commerce that they lost. Maybe I should ask why de facto equality is good enough for a state that should be, could be a leader in this fight.

Of course the lawmakers probably wouldn't listen anyway. In fact, it might be hard to even hear me, what with all the circus animals in the room.

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Your thoughts

So...when do we get to see the pictures? We're waiting, ever so patiently. [And, I repeat myself, please tell me you got pics of the dog in his formal wear]

Posted by: Bill S | Jun 30, 2009 8:22:26 AM

Bill: I've barely even seen the pics! We literally have thousands of them (from rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail, reception, honeymoon, and related events), but I've been too overwhelmed with commitments to sit down and pour through them.

The ones from our professional photog should come in this weekend. When they do, Andrew and I plan to spend an afternoon assembling them. THEN I will post some/ do a whole post on the wedding. May even put up some video.

And yes, of course, we have the dog in his seersucker. :-)

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jun 30, 2009 8:59:24 AM

Sending them your receipts is an awesome idea. I still have all of my receipts from my trip to Ottawa last year when my partner and I married. I'm thinking I might mail copies to both Skelos and Smith. Between the flight, hotel and celebratory dinner for a small group of family and friends who joined us, we must have spent over $2000.

Posted by: stojef | Jun 30, 2009 2:06:24 PM

It is so frustrating, isn't it?!?! I have thanked various politicians for their generosity toward other states more than once, as they are diverting our money to them. They don't seem to understand sarcasm when they read it. I'm glad both our marriages are recognized, but the going out of state can be damned inconvenient.

To say the least, I am not optimistic.

Glad to see you back, though!

By the way--a bed and breakfast, a ballroom rental, flights and trains and hotels for various friends and relatives, two salons where we got everything from mani-pedis to her hair extensions done...yeah, we can send in some receipts, too!

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Jun 30, 2009 9:04:37 PM

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