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Don't judge a man until you've walked through Miles of his slurs

by Jeremy Hooper

Back in February of '08, while speaking to Matt Foreman's supposed "confession" that HIV has affected the gay community most significantly (duh!), Pastor Miles McPherson said the following in a (now scrubbed) video blog:

But the major problem in his claims? Well, that these quips didn't at all come from the CDC, like Mr. McPherson indicates. Instead, they were directly lifted from a Concerned Women For America press release:

Top “Gay” Organization Comes Clean: “HIV is a gay disease.” [CWA press release]

He never mentioned that he was quoting Matt Barber -- guess he intended his Godly peeps to figure that out themselves.

In June of that same year, Mr. McPherson told local media that God was "mad" at gays for getting married. He then went on to paint our unions as being of the Devil, and comparable to things like pedophilia and polygamy:

"Marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church. And the devil wants to destroy the church -- as a matter of fact, Satan wants to destroy God's image. The evil one is having a field day right now, and I believe
things are going to get worse before they get better"
"People ask me why I'm taking a stand. There are many reasons to fight marriage being redefined according to the trends of our culture. From a practical standpoint, just in terms of our society and its future, let me ask you this. Do you think two men should be able to marry a preteen boy? Do you think a polygamist middle-aged man should be able to marry a dozen or more young girls? If you answer no, then what is the foundation for your position? Where do you get the reason for your moral stand?

God allegedly mad at our wedding; We wonder if he knows we're having premium booze [G-A-Y]

Because you know: Calling people's love Satanic is what Jesus seems to be all about.

Then there's audio like this, from last fall's "The Call" event, in which he likened marriage equality advocates to cockroaches:

Again: Because cockroach comparisons are what that Jesus guy really meant by neighbor-loving, right?

But then back in April of this year, our pal Alvin McEwen discovered an even more out-of-line quip from Miss California's pastor. Alvin dug up this charming little missive, something Miles wrote back in 2004:

Picture 22-35
Alvin's take: Why does Miss California’s church believe that homosexuality and pedophilia are linked? [HB&HM]

In the gay debate, he's charted Miles and Miles of low road.

6A00D8341C503453Ef01156F631Fcf970C.JpgSo what does Miles McPherson get for all this fallacious, hurtful, antagonism? Well, he gets a speaking gig with the Exodus International "ex-gay" conference, natch:

Orlando, FL- The world's largest Christian ministry to those dealing with same-sex attraction welcomes news of a protest at the start of its conference being held on the campus of Wheaton College the night of July 14. Hundreds, including representatives from mainline church denominations and evangelicals, will come together to address issues related to faith and sexuality at the 34th Exodus Freedom Conference, a weeklong event hosted by Exodus International.

Nationally recognized speakers include former San Diego Charger and pastor Miles McPherson and Dr. Paul Meier, co-founder of the Meier clinics who was honored by President George W. Bush as Physician of the Year in 2007. In addition, Chicago-based author and Loyola University instructor Dr. Nancy Heche will share her story as the mother of a Hollywood celebrity and wife to a pastor living as a gay man with AIDS.

Ministry Welcomes Protesters [Exodus]

But hey, when it comes to "changing" gay people, it would seem that Satan-thwarting, CDC-misrepping, pedophilia-linking cockroach traps will work just as well as anything else.

Stay classy, reparative therapy!

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Your thoughts

Nothing inspires confindence in these groups like enlisting hate-mongering wackadoodles. When I read stuff like that, I feel so...loved. In much the same way, when I step out into a rainstorm, I feel so dry.

Posted by: Bill S | Jul 9, 2009 4:09:01 PM

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